MP Upd#4 WL Discussion: matchmaking kills independent servers

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Re: MP Upd#4 WL Discussion: matchmaking kills independent se

Post by novationx » 24 Jul 2014, 10:39

This is a good discussion & both parties make good points. I dont think that there rly is a perfect solution.
Machmaking has its pro's & cons , but so does a private server.

I just wouldnt be too worried MrA, because at the moment Matchmaking is primarely used for Elite. All other MM servers are empty most of the time. Ofc that can change... And maybe that change its good :D

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Re: MP Upd#4 WL Discussion: matchmaking kills independent se

Post by TheM » 24 Jul 2014, 11:58

Splitted + merged the post of kremsy back into the wishlist, as it had nothing to do with this topic.
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Re: MP Upd#4 WL Discussion: matchmaking kills independent se

Post by MrA » 24 Jul 2014, 12:19

franck70 wrote:Nadeo sell his soul to SSM : I don't think so MrA :roflol:
I know, just a bit of exaggeration to gain some emphasis ;)
I would retract it actually.
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Re: MP Upd#4 WL Discussion: matchmaking kills independent se

Post by Hylis » 24 Jul 2014, 13:34

I believe it would be better in another topic and another time since I don't have time :mrgreen:


I think we share, with MrA, the passion of good maps that change for the great fun of diversity and discovery of new ideas and mappers. And that we look at what can improve this. At first, I was thinking that the vote maps would go against, since players would always select the DM6 or DM17 ^_^ But since it did not helped already (the Elite lobby with community maps) I am trying to see if the vote map can not help it. And meanwhile, I am looking to keep players in Battle, and I also share with MrA that the balance of matches is important (if I believe his good suggestion of warm up) And the difference in the end is more likely to be my way to experiments things, to seek more knowledge about the dynamics, than to preserve the current state. I don't say my way is better, but I still believe that the situation for Battle and Siege can be improved, and so I take risks. And when I do it, should also apologize for the owners of the current state that are seeing it as a risk for the current big fun they have on the servers at 32 :D But I think we share the same ambition: more players, more servers, more maps, more fun and more ideas.

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Re: MP Upd#4 WL Discussion: matchmaking kills independent se

Post by MrA » 24 Jul 2014, 13:50

I think for battle matchmaking we have less players in a match, make 3v3 or 4v4 or 5v5 .... So I should start working on small battle maps ;) :lol:

That's okay, I like small battle maps anyway & they don't always work well with 12v12 (or 16v16 ;) ) at the moment ;)

Continue to take risks, it gets us to places :3
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Re: Maniaplanet Update #4 - wishlist

Post by SSM.Speed... » 27 Jul 2014, 17:50

MrA wrote:I think lobbies have nothing to do with anything.

Players now can host a battle server and have a fair chance of attracting players, especially if they play some themselves.

In a lobby system, this cuts out a load of potential single server owners. You need to have a provider of some kind that lets you configure multiple servers and settings.... It's only for people who understand what they are doing and its why you might as well go and sell your soul to SSM.

Please do not extand matchmaking to where it is not needed.
killaprodtm wrote:
Hylis wrote:Tbh, MrA, I think you are overreacting here a bit. Your server will still be visible from the station menu, and I was playing on it recently (please update the maps finally :o, only 2 poles per map)
How long did you play exactly... Few have 2 poles per map, but some do for variety.

AND,... I am not overeacting, once MM makes it to Battle, forget our servers.
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Re: MP Upd#4 WL Discussion: matchmaking kills independent se

Post by Dommy » 29 Jul 2014, 20:16

Agree with MrA. Even we G2 are going to set up battle 100k, but matchmaking is the unbeatable opponent, since dunno why i have elite matchmaking list as serverlist homepage. Great. I see also that only Elite counts for you, esport, Elite and $money$. Did you want to train noobs into lazor-robots addicted to Elite or give them great fun and diversity? Because i see you really want to ruin diversity by 8 beginners maps of Battle matchmaking and also kill community servers and their concurency (or even friendships).
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Re: MP Upd#4 WL Discussion: matchmaking kills independent se

Post by MrA » 26 Aug 2014, 16:26

Its been about a month, and it looks like I made an over reaction... although, potentially not.

Players always go where there is players, and at the moment the overall volume of players in battle is not even 100 simultaneous. If the numbers were to increase as we want and hope, and the matchmaking took off, then it can be like was said above, matchmaking becomes the unbeatable opponent.

But I have an idea.
I can imagine a matchmaking system which does not send players to matches. Instead it sends players to servers and then brings them back from servers if the players on that server becomes too few.

So for example

Matchmaking Server
Nadeo Server = 0 to 255 players

Destination Servers
MrA Server = 0-28 players
Search Server = 0 -28 players
SPLYM Server = 0 -24 players
Franck Server = 0 -16 players
Whatever Else = 0 - 24 players

The central nadeo server is a normal battle server, it plays battle. But as it fills with players, it moves the highest ranked players of its population to one of the destination servers. This is totally different from a matchmaking system like in elite where an organisation owns the matchmaking and the match servers all itself.

Its sometimes hard at the moment for a server to get going from 0, especially vs other servers which have maybe 20 players, so the system of a centralised place used to distribute players (so that there is balance and enough players arriving) could provide a management system for servers.

Its not to say the destination servers can't exist as they do now in their own right, they continue to be joinable as normal servers, but the central distribution server for people who dont know where go, will make a mechanism to send players to servers when they might have looked and decided not to play, or looked and didn't realise that if they play a bit then more players will come.

I just try to think of better ways to do things than have whoever attracts players in the morning be the only active server for much of the day, which is largly what we see at the moment.
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