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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by JumperJack » 15 Jun 2010, 12:54

haha hylis. but please remember those who haven't got internet connection all the time, and the fact that ubisoft might not be fully aware of the importance of being able to play trackmania offline. ;)

nevertheless, i've been fully trusting you for the past years already, so it might be an unnecessary post anyway!! :lol:
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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by Ripbox » 15 Jun 2010, 13:32

I want to state...... i want nadeo to protect their investment so i want them to implement some form of protection
however i move out in a few weeks time into my own place and for the foreseeable future i will have no internet connection unless i land a well paid job..... anyway regardless i would still like to be able to play solo and use the track editor offline!!

I think it would be wise for Nadeo to opt for a dual protection/Authentication system, the same as the non steam version of battlefield : Bad company 2 where you can chose online authentication or disc(dvd) in drive authentication

Note to Nadeo:
Just remember that ISP's sell internet with usage limitations.... should that user not be able to play because they have reached their monthly limit?
Parents limit connectivity time..... should then not be able to play because their parents said they are not allowed on the internet but all ow them to play games??
Telecommunications down!.... fault on the telephone line = no connection.... should we be penalised threw no fault of or own? this relates to Ubisofts or other online server downtime!!
I have a 3G dongle that i Top-Up with my pocket money but i have ran out of Air time and i dont get my pocket money for another 2 weeks......... why shouldn't they be able to play off line?

So please take into account all possible scenarios why online authentication is not possible..... even ones i did not list

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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by ManiaMaster » 15 Jun 2010, 13:41

I hope you choos e the least annoying protection - if you use any. I would really not like the internet connection idea.
hope you make the right choice.

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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by haenry » 15 Jun 2010, 13:53

I am optimistic, that Nadeo will make the right choice.
The protection is really necessary, of course. But it is really annoying, if it gets annoying (good sentence I know :D )
I think it would be wise for Nadeo to opt for a dual protection/Authentication system, the same as the non steam version of battlefield : Bad company 2 where you can chose online authentication or disc(dvd) in drive authentication
This sounds good to me^^
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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by konte » 15 Jun 2010, 14:40

Of course I will buy TM2, but if there is the internet-connection-only protection, I think I will also download a crack just to be able to play TM offline too.
Is it this, what you want to accomplish with the DRM?

And btw: I have never before downloaded an illegal game, but THIS would be a reason.

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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by Zooz » 15 Jun 2010, 14:41

I agree that having an offline mode would cause a lot less frustration... Just like in TMF! With online-only there will be times when you want to play TM and you can't! This is of course unacceptable ;)

Maybe it can be more limited to make it uninteresting for pirates?
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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by w1lla » 15 Jun 2010, 15:42

well its strange that you can bypass the current protection by downloading tmuf illegal and then login with your tmu account and just write the last 3 letters of your player-key. That is just a minor mistake made i think.

This only happens when playing online or in official mode.
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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by A.D.Chaos » 15 Jun 2010, 16:27

Yes I think the systhem like now in TMUF is the best you can choose. The funniest and most inerresting things are on online mode. So it would be required to buy the game to have the most fun on it.
I sometimes use the offline mode, too. For example I hav't any connection with my laptop if I am not at home, or if I drive on a lan-party in multiplayer. And CD check systhems are bad, too. Ever insert a CD or DVD in your drive is sad :( The time you can wait while the systhem check the CD, too.
So I hope the new systhem from Ubisoft will be nearly as same as the systhem, which you use at the moment :)
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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by Raxor » 15 Jun 2010, 16:41

As people have said in the past, the best way is to try and come up with a system that would not cause the legitimate player problems with playing.

Trouble is it ends up being easier to play the pirated versions of games compared to a legitimate version (install limits constant connections etc). Steam is probabbly the best solution of how to do DRM right (and even that isnt infaliable). you would need something like online to completely get around the piracy i think. (but im not a fan of being constantly connected)

Example, unless you have a buisiness class connection your internet will drop beyond your control and if you lose your progress because of something beyond your control.

so if you can come up with a system that is pretty much transparent to the paying user and having a way to prevent pirated copies.
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Re: Ubisoft DRM

Post by b.e.r.g » 15 Jun 2010, 16:54

This, and DLCs, was my only concern when I heard Ubi acquired Nadeo.

For me, as a loyal paying fan, the best would of course be no DRM. I can see the trouble with this, but I can also see this as one of the few games where this is a possibility! As hyped by you, and Ubi, this is a community driven game. Which should mean that the community is one of it's strongest selling point. And last time I checked, a community is pretty much uncrackable!

So, without a valid key you won't get a valid account, and without a valid account you won't be a part of the community. Now all you have to do is to make the community worth the price. And looking at how well you did with TMU, I think you can do this. If you make the official (which requires a valid account/key) site the number one stop for sharing tracks, cars, replays, records etc, you are already well on your way.

Now, there will always be people who crack the game no matter what. But at this point, these people are the ones that wouldn't pay for a game even if it was uncrackable. Aka, not very loyal fans. And on the other hand there will be people who won't buy the game if it includes a nazi DRM, only difference is these people where loyal fans who now feels stabbed in the back.

Anyway, I trust Nadeo :) Nadeo has been one of the finest developers to deal with, they've been awesome to the community and given us a lot more than we payed for, and has with that build a strong and loyal fan-base. Unfortunately I do not have the same trust i Ubi, but I have my hopes up high! 8-)

Really looking forward to this! Game (TM2) is looking smashing so far, and I can't wait to get my hands on it! Call me if you ever need someone to ensure its quality! ;)
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