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Chat in demo mode

Post by Corgumolax » 13 Aug 2017, 22:13

I am an occasional player of trackmania and I recently discovered the update of the game. If I particularly like modes of play that I did not know until then (the mode chase among others that I find particularly interesting) nevertheless a point grief me. As a "demo" player I do not have access to the chat ... it's particularly frustrating. Indeed, I like to say hello to the other players when arriving on the circuit, I like to congratulate the competitors better than me, I like to say thank you when congratulated me, I like to exchange a few tricks on a particularly difficult course .. .bref I like to talk a little with others and not just race, race, race.
I read here and there that some said that it avoided the "trolls" .... damage I think for my part that deprives the players of the most elementary of the politeness and the necessary fairplay ...
In short it will not prevent me from playing .... but it would still be a little more fun if we could talk ... even in demo mode.

Ps: I hear about it "you only have to buy the game", they are probably right but I am not diligent enough to invest .. I think others are in my case.
Ps2: Thx anyway for this great game!!
ps3: sorry for the poor quality of my english!

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