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Armored Core

Post by SpeedouTM » 27 Nov 2017, 15:38

Hello everyone,

I'm here to talk about ArmoredCore.
ArmoredCore is a Trackmania server provider (other games in future), it's really cheap and we offer 2 month more when a customer take a server for a year. I post it here cause ArmoredCore is not very well known.

In the past it was named tm-hosting, now we work on ArmoredCore to host multiple game servers (TM, Rust, ARK, etc...).
Each server that we host is secured, all datas in the databases are encrypted for provide the best security.

At the moment we host around 35 servers, we host the servers of L4BOMB4, CupMeister, MaDrivers, and we got 2 servers for testing.
All these servers are very stable, we got a connection with 1Gbps and we optimized XAseco (for TMF) to use less memory but be faster (OPCache enabled).

You can check our offers here : (it's a temporary website, the new one will come in some mounth)

And we got a fast support, if you got a problem just ask in our Discord server, and we will help you and solve your problems very fast.
We use OVH dedicated servers with a premium Anti-DDoS. :1010

If you are interested join our Discord server and talk with us :thumbsup:

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