Request to have an official support for player teams in the game

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Request to have an official support for player teams in the game

Post by reaby » 07 Feb 2018, 21:28


For years trackmania and shootmania has been team-based game. We have team tags in the nicknames for example.
I was wondering why on earth there is no official teams support in the game?
- Yes there's groups support already, but i think it's not that widely used ?
- Yes there is clublinks, does anyone use these ?

Why not make the groups really powerful, change the name for teams and ask some good amount of planets to create a team (team members could gather planets and purchase the team for themselfs... and this is to make the planets more useful :))

Ok.. At the moment i'm thinking of system of 1 main team (which can be changed) and maybe max of 2 or 3 other teams.

Team should have:
team logo url, full name, short name, description and url for homepages and team leader.
These infos can be public and therefor when player joins, he carries the info to dedicated server at player structure. This would make organising team competitions way more effecient... and plugin developers could make some cool statistics at server controllers for the competitions, and switch the sides, etc etc..

Also then the teams logo and full name could be then shown easily at server sided widgets.

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