Febuary Update priorities

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by jonthekiller » 11 Feb 2018, 20:16

Crash of the dedicated server after 3 weeks: viewtopic.php?f=561&t=43532

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by eyebo » 12 Feb 2018, 01:11

  • In-game downloader that supports resuming.
    Failed downloads are frequent for many users. Starting again is a pain. Let us resume the download.
  • Background downloading of game and titlepack updates.
    Not everyone has high speed internet. Let us play while other things download.
  • Links are broken in server chat if URL is long enough to wrap to another line.
  • Malicious/pranking users should not be allowed to hijack server chat:
    By adding $ at the end of a chat line to prevent line breaks.
    By putting some formatting and then $< at the end of a chat line to change everyone's chat to that formatting.
  • In Local Play \ Single Map and while Validating in the Map Editor:
    Why is my ghost always the previous run I've driven? It should be my personal best. I want to improve on my best time, not my previous time. It should also show a time comparison against my best time at each CP.

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by ChallengeSY » 12 Feb 2018, 03:07

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Mr.DVD » 12 Feb 2018, 14:26

Multienvi Titlepack Maker :thumbsup:
Platform Titlepack Update :thumbsup:

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by xrayjay » 12 Feb 2018, 15:19

List with *wishes*:

Items/Importer related:
  • sprites
  • clips
  • no grass/ground coverage
  • go through the ground (f.e. tunnels etc.)
  • animated items (windmill etc.) / creating them
  • standard colorramp with self-illumination which could be used cross title wise
  • a shared texture gallery (will make it easy to build items for all envis)
  • animated textures for items (f.e. blinking lights)
  • car model import through a .fbx file
  • bring back/rework the gbx title manager on https://v4.live.maniaplanet.com/ (since mp4 you can´t generate keys for packs or manage them in general // deleting f.e.)
  • fix several ghost related bugs (like there´s no ghost in validation mode etc.)
  • fix mod selection menu when creating a new map
  • increase the embed limit once again (maybe up to 4MB / or make the total map size limit dynamically adjustable between mapsize and embed size, total map size is atm 4MB (?) i guess but embed limit is capped at ~1MB)
  • add the material id "offzone" into the matlib
And as always: Keep up the good work :thumbsup: Just want to say that Niebo (and all the other Nadeo devs) are doing a great job, the Mesh Modeler evolves everytime :clap: :yes:
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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by adamkooo2 » 12 Feb 2018, 16:37

This one:

And please fix TM2 Platform titlepack

Thanks for the update :thx:

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Xymph » 12 Feb 2018, 17:32

adamkooo2 wrote:
12 Feb 2018, 16:37
And please fix TM2 Platform titlepack
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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by McBain » 12 Feb 2018, 18:53

Good topic: maybe it would have been good to limit the number of inputs to 5 (and maybe after some days a feedback what you consider as hard/much effort and therefore will be low prio)

My top5 (i hope none is very big effort):
  • fix the bugs which stopped Spam's Weekly
  • Chase: not sure if distance meter is broken after update
  • allow Multi-Envi Titles like Mr. Sloppys or Dommies Pursuit etc. if you own 3 of 4 Environments
  • Fix Platform TP
  • Fix Trackmania 2 TP
There is one last idea as matchmaking is really annoying atm. Why is it not possible to register for a match via Matchmaking and drive on another server meanwhile? To be alone in a lobby is one of the most boring things you can do in Maniaplanet. For Team and Chase Mode this would really help for ppl to find together.

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Marius89 » 12 Feb 2018, 19:40


Haagse said sth important: The bug in Rounds mode is back, when the camera sticks at the finish block after you've finished.
And eyebo's suggestions are also important. Some of them are part of those issues of this thread, that I'd really like to see fixed:

Online replays with too many ghosts:

pages in menu

no time in Editor validation

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Re: Febuary Update priorities

Post by Florenzius » 12 Feb 2018, 21:51

Very important

Filtering is broken for custom textures!
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