[Suggestion] Screenshots - Naming Convention

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[Suggestion] Screenshots - Naming Convention

Post by Dmark » 30 Jun 2018, 12:33


Currently, if you make screenshots ingame (default key: F10) they will be saved in Documents\ManiaPlanet\ScreenShots, like you can see on the following picture:


The names are just "ScreenShot01", "ScreenShot02" and so on. The problem I see there is, that you can only create 99 screenshots. And the name of the screenshot doesnt give any relevant Information.

My Suggestion: Give them other names.

Android for example saves the pictures you make with your smartphone with following naming convention: IMG_date_time
Example: IMG_20180630_133031
This means, picture was created today (30.06.2018) at 13:30:31

Why not using a convention like this? Would be much easier to read and store Screenshots :)
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Re: [Suggestion] Screenshots - Naming Convention

Post by Demented » 30 Jun 2018, 15:38

I usually rename and move them but you are right...
A Timestamp in place of the number is a good idea.
MP_20180630_133031 Could be another option. Or MPI_ (for ManiaPlanet Image)
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Re: [Suggestion] Screenshots - Naming Convention

Post by TMarc » 01 Jul 2018, 07:30

Also the title name would be good.
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Re: [Suggestion] Screenshots - Naming Convention

Post by scavfan » 01 Jul 2018, 11:41

As far as i know, taking screenshots in mediatracker adds map name to image file name (so name is like MapNameScreenShot01), but more info would be nice.

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