Official list of Nadeo's work

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Re: Official list of Nadeo's work

Post by TMarc » 31 Oct 2018, 19:28

There is already, since longer time.

See here:
Hylis wrote:
12 May 2017, 12:09
Look, I just made an overview and you already a todo that would be to open the todo list to people, which is not the problem. But if we don't, we may have to enter a debate, be insulted etc. And others will not react because they don't want to be insulted which lead to dev not wanting to come here to discuss, and they are right.

So, we read a lot of feedback (I think I have read 200 000+ messages in my dev time) and we do our best.
Nadeo todo/done list

For your information, Hylis is the boss of Nadeo.
There won't be another "better" answer, sorry.
And this is why I will now close this topic.

Thanks for your understanding :)
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