@nadeo please give us a DEMO or Temporary Key

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@nadeo please give us a DEMO or Temporary Key

Post by BestNoob » 15 Dec 2018, 22:14


it would be very useful for content creators/modders when you bring back a demo or a temporary key (48H) to test things out like:
mods, servers, how does it look for other people, does the planet payment work etc. ...

as example i dont know why my .gbx mod file on my server via forcemod isnt working for the other people, it is working for me .... but for no one else.
would be very useful when i can login with another account and try this thing out.

A idea: add a option the the playerpage so that players can invite friends etc. to the game for a specific period like a week or whatever. Maybe Pay with Planets ?! (there not much other options to spend Planets)

Or each account has a 1 Month contingent to give ?!

Think about it :pop:

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Re: @nadeo please give us a DEMO or Temporary Key

Post by Helia » 09 Mar 2019, 08:40

I think if they go to these systems, the money would be missing to invest in, for example, development.
Especially where the number of players is so low and that can influence the priority of the development. Because Nadeo is also just a company that belongs to a giant company, Ubisoft.

The idea is not bad, no question. But if you or others are concerned with using the full features of the game, then you should buy the full version. The prices in the key shops are very low, maybe 10 euro maximum. Of course you would support Nadeo and Ubisoft if you buy the full version directly, but if you have little money, I do not find it reprehensible to buy at key shops.

But if they follow your idea, they could make the game free-to-play right away and that's unfair to the thousands of players who paid the original price of all ManiaPlanet games, around 90 Euros. And if it's only the stadium players who have invested 10 euros, you would annoy even more players.

Best regards

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Re: @nadeo please give us a DEMO or Temporary Key

Post by wawawawu » 15 Mar 2019, 08:36


As i started Giving Gamers, I bought myself 5-player packages to give maybe-sponsors the chance to get a glimpse ingame. And as the project is closed because of not really beeing successfull (cause of some reasons) I sometimes lend them also to guys like ville to have a second account for streaming cups in obstacle. Although i never buy my MP-keys on steam, its no big deal if you wait for the next steam sale and get an account for less than 5 Euro...

And when i remember right, we already HAD a system like this, where we invited friends and payed Planets, some years ago...

Did you make a locfile for your gbx? If not, noone will see it, b'cause the client needs the locfile for loading it. And as it is locally on your pc it works for you, but not for others... Locfile is needed for horns, skins, mods, moods... And ofc the players client must allow download in settings.

Greetz, wawa
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