Priority on fixing MediaTracker/visual bugs in the near future

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Priority on fixing MediaTracker/visual bugs in the near future

Post by Timania » 12 May 2019, 14:29

Dear nadeo team,

i just wanted to ask if fixing some visual and MediaTracker bugs has a priority for being acknowledged in the future.
I know that you guys has many things to do and working on something really big, but i want to ensure that the media-creative part of trackmania is still a group that has a priority somewhere. I discussed a problem with the MediaTracker in case of video rendering with Ozon not too long ago and i saw that he submitted a list of bugs/submission for improving the mediatracker a lot (viewtopic.php?f=647&t=44639). That is about 6 months ago and in case of the MediaTracker not much happened.

Besides that i have some submission for some visual bugs ingame/MediaTracker as well as in rendered media:

- Shadows are blurry and even on the "Ultra" calculating not having a good resolution to be shown off so shadow calculating isn't very helpful and recommended at the moment
- In Stadium you can still see some weird visual bugs if you look onto the grass ground.
- Trails are only shown in the render where the editing cut/replay starts, even if the trails block is extended right before the actual shot.
- Make the most visible objects like the clouds and, for example, the trees in canyon, finally a 3D object. In the editing phase it's very hard to make some nice shots if you see in the MediaTracker and the rendered file as well, that the clouds turning if your cams are turning too.
- The grass in stadium/wheat in valley are still bugged, they disappear up to a certain distance. Maybe have a option in the launcher to disable/enable Level of Detail or turn off LoD completely.
- The geometry on blocks are fucked up on a certain distance and looks ugly. If it's only ingame, i would unterstand, but not if i take 5-8 seconds per frame render and still see a fucked up block geometry. Maybe that's something belong to the point above with the LoD.

I still love your games and work and hope, that you understand my concerns about that.

- timania
german trackmania machinima content creator.
est. MMXVII.
currently working as mediamaker for pulseTM and team artist for unbitn.


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