Using Substance Painter to Skin

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Using Substance Painter to Skin

Post by OrecaShadow » 25 Jul 2019, 14:22

and welcome to a new post after a long time XD

I have been into game dev now for some while and using Substance Painter to texture assets.
Recently it came to my mind that it would be probably super easy to make skins for TM and SM with this tool.

So here comes the tricky part.
Usually you work in the PBR space with substance but it is able to set up custom Texture layers for things like Specular, Diffuse, etc.
So i went ahead and made that. But here comes a new problem. Since Maniaplanet uses a different Texture space i had to use a different shader in the program. For Shootmania it works fine. You can add the existing textures to the model and paint over them.
But for TrackMania i found that it is quite hard to achieve the wanted look. The problem here is, that the "metallic" or reflective parts or a skin are put into the diffuse map by using the alpha channel.

What i would like to know if someone from nadeo could tell us/me how to set up the layers/export settings/shaders inside of substance to get the look we want to achieve.

Here in this video I made a custom Shootmania skin, and for the StormMan it all works fine.

So after that i tried to do the same with TrackMania and unfortunately it has problems with the reflections.
What i did for export was to assign the roughness layer as an alpha into the diffuse Texture. It someonewhat works but still not as wanted.
Another problem is, that the illum doesnt work at all and i cant find out why. I used the emmisive layer and just simply named it illum after exporting it.

(Skin with Red colour is the Substance experiment)


Here is the wheel´s illum, obvious difference.

Substance Test:
Also my white logo went invisisble and i dont know why :? but thats probably my own fault since i didnt make a whole new skin but used the existing textures to work with and did some stuff that could removed the white

So again, i would highly appreciate it if we could get some kind of "tutorial" on how to set up Substance to make skins with it and maybe also other textures for the game.

Cheers :thx:

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