So, is this still a thing?

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So, is this still a thing?

Post by Filipe1020 » 08 Aug 2019, 23:03

It's been ages since we've seen anything big happening for this game, last thing I remember was the release of MP4 and TM2 Lagoon, and that was what, 3 years ago? And until then nothing interesting had shown up or got announced, is this dead or something? Or it's just NADEO's typical lack of communication about the future of the game that last a long period of time.

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Re: So, is this still a thing?

Post by Miss » 08 Aug 2019, 23:46

Plenty of stuff happening behind the scenes. When Nadeo and Ubisoft are ready to show something, you'll hear about it right here in the announcements section.

As usual, I'm closing this thread as this gets asked every other week.
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