Tutorial free viewers and thumbnails for nadeo games images

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Tutorial free viewers and thumbnails for nadeo games images

Post by speedline » 08 Mar 2012, 03:25

hello :)
-this tutorial is to help those who have less experience .
-just some helpful tips and free programs
-free thumbnails & viewers for , all extensions formats ( dds , erx , png , tga , bmp etc )
- for xp - vista - windows 7 32/64 bit
- in 2008 made ​​this tutorial for tmf
http://www.trackmania.com/fr/forum/view ... hp?t=31365
but times change, and programs as well. and sometimes, some shareware programs are not better than free.

exemple: fastpictureviewer, is not free - and there is no reason to buy
idem : for Mystic tumbs, and the free version sometimes had conflicts and could not see TGA and many other formats. (exemple for dds files, you could see white and black pixels)

in the tutorial, I explained the basics. And showed some programs to edit images. that for the most noobs have an idea of the programs and their functions) and not to be afraid. ;)

http://www.tm-tube.com/video/26540/Tuto ... adeo+games

and a summary of links " video "

viewers and thumbnails for xp vista windows 7 32 or 64 bit

in order to not create bugs or conflicts

XNVIEW by Gougelet Pierre-Emmanuel
http://www.xnview.com/en/index.html ( full)

all plugins http://www.xnview.com/en/plugins.html

but need 64 bit
XnView Shell Extension Setup v3.20 (for windows explorer)

restart pc

SageThumbs BY nikolay raspopov

restart pc

configure sage thumbs
-( options , 32 and 64 bit ) or
PS: if not sample all thumbnails.
options folders
or update the folder window "or go out and come again", or restart pc, or check maximum size of file "option" and also check in XnView. also see the difference of sagethumbs 32 and 64. After work well.
- see folder demonstration various ( see video 05:28 ) - ( png, bmp, dds, eps, psd, pdf, ai, tif, exr etc )
in my case ,as other people, I can not see thumbnails, erx format (OpenERX)
wiki OpenEXR = exr http://www.openexr.com/
but I am not alone.
It is not important. because we need the program IMAGINA, and will make life easier for all image formats.
and all options "see screen in video"
wonderful this program ^^

10° to see the folders of the game
-and launcher game >HELP

Maniacreative http://tutorials.mania-creative.com/tm2 ... ndex-eng-1
mods - http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3914
customise trackmania- http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic.php?f=265&t=7671

11° insttal 7zip to open .zip files
- see demonstration zip dds files for mods ( in video)

12° bonus ( PDF )
if you have bugs to see pdf thumbs?
FIX thumbs adobe acrobate (pdf)
13° useful programs for DDS
Windows Texture Viewer (WTV)

and plugin for photoshop
http://developer.nvidia.com/nvidia-text ... -photoshop

DTXbmpto edit dds ( free)


14 because I do not want to stop at 13^^ :0010
programs to edit images (free and very useful)
PaintNet ( very easy and practical (for the noobs, use this program) powerful program, and many options)

GIMP ( for more experience )
freeware and shareware

Photoshop ( for pros )

VOILA , done ;)
end of tutorial


alternative for those who want to buy. or have problems and conflicts "with free versions" etc.. I leave the links here. but in this case, forget about the tutorial.
ps: for trackmaniacs, there is no reason to buy these programs.
sagethumbs with XnView has everything and is free. ;)

Mystic tumbs
Mystic tumbs ( version free )
http://www.321download.com/LastFreeware ... c%20Thumbs

I hope you liked the tutorial.
ps: the music video was shot with streamradio (trancebase fm).
because they do not have time to mix 26 minutes for a tutorial.
the tutorial is essential.

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Re: Tutorial free viewers and thumbnails for nadeo games ima

Post by TRINITI1 » 15 Mar 2012, 00:06

Hey speedline. :D

Very nice and complete tuto, thank you soo much. :thumbsup: :thx:

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Re: Tutorial free viewers and thumbnails for nadeo games ima

Post by Cerovan » 15 Mar 2012, 10:19

Very good tutorial :clap:

You should add it on the Community Articles on the wiki ;)
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Re: Tutorial free viewers and thumbnails for nadeo games ima

Post by speedline » 15 Mar 2012, 22:09

gracias :)
in this forum does not exist a section for the tutorials?

I must subscribe to this forum: Community Articles ? j'ai pas le temps :mrgreen:

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Re: Tutorial free viewers and thumbnails for nadeo games ima

Post by Alinoa » 16 Mar 2012, 10:14

There is no forum dedicated to tutorials however as the forums are divided into sections, you can post tutorials into the appropriate one.
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