Nadeo what the heck have you done to hotseat mode??????

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Re: Nadeo what the heck have you done to hotseat mode??????

Post by colosso » 09 Apr 2018, 16:48

Alinoa wrote:
09 Apr 2018, 12:46
To come back on the topic, the MP3 version can be more comfortable to use when you want to play a lot of different maps on Hotseat.
It's nice to (eventually) see a reply from someone fron NADEO on this topic, but advising us to the MP3 version is not a good sign IMHO.
Alinoa wrote:
09 Apr 2018, 12:46
If it's not a question of maps number, the MP4 version works well. You can play any map you want but first you have to add maps that you play to want into the folder (C:\Users\Your_User_Name\Documents\ManiaPlanet\Maps\Downloaded) and don't forget to select a game mode to be able to launch the hotseat.
The MP4 version is not intuitive at all... Why can't we just select the maps from the gamepack we're in (ex. Canyon), select a number of players, set the time each player gets and start playing? And if would be that simple to do that, can you please release an instruction video? I'm dying to see how it's done.

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Re: Nadeo what the heck have you done to hotseat mode??????

Post by Alinoa » 10 Apr 2018, 12:47

Hi Colosso,

Here is a quick help explaining hotseats functions.

Number 1: Here is the game script and the hotseat is selected by default. So don't change it.

Number 2: By clicking on script parameters, you can edit some parameters as the track time, warmu-up, etc.

Number 3: Here you can select maps that have been downloaded on your maniaplanet folder (C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\ManiaPlanet\Maps) or tracks that you created from the editor

Number 4: By clicking on the load button, you can choose maps of the Canyon campaign. It will load all maps of a level (White, Green or Blue)

So to start a hotseat, steps of the number 1 and 2 are optional (you can leave the default parameters).
The main step is to choose your tracks ( by using your tracks or campaign tracks), then click on the button "next".
Then please choose the number of players and their name and click on "start game".

I hope this will help you out.
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