Canyon: Screenshot/Video/Article Collection

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Canyon: Screenshot/Video/Article Collection

Post by wiidesire-2 » 29 Apr 2011, 23:02

Hello Community,

so I will post here every known videos and pictures here ( I will update it )

Shootmania collection:



Image Image
Image ImageImage Image Image Image ImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImageImage ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage ImageImage ImageImageImage
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ImageImage Image ImageImageImageImage
See the pictures on : ... partner=21
ImageImageImageImage Image
ImageImage ImageImage Image Image



Games Festival 2009:

E3 2010: ( skip to 6:27)

ESWC 2010:

Gamers Assemble 2011: ... r_embedded

Gamers Assemble Backstage:


Maniaplanet: ... r_embedded

Trackmania 2 Valley: ... r_embedded

Trackmania 2 Valley editor: ... re=related

Trackmania 2 Canyon Teaser: ... r_embedded

Trackmania 2 Canyon Trailer: ... r_embedded

Screenshots: ... =slideshow

Trackmania 2 Canyon Announcement: ... r_embedded

Screenshots: ... =slideshow

E3 Expo 2011 Trailer:


Gameplay collection:

Gameplay Trailer by Eyebo:

Acceleration Test : ... ture=feedu

Editor ( see all 200 blocks):

all blocks in pictures: ... %20Editor/

Copy/Past: (Editor) ... ture=feedu


*New* GameInfusion :

new infos about the Singeplayer/Multiplayer:
GameInfusion wrote:Auch einige neue Modi für den Single- und Multiplayer wird Trackmania 2 bieten: So sind nun eine Kampagne, der High Quality Videoshooting Modus 'Shoot HQ2', in dem ihr Videos drehen könnt, ein Coop-, Cup-, sowie ein Splitscreen-Modus enthalten

Trackmania 2 will include some new modes for single and multiplayer. Now you can make a campaign, which will include the tool Shoot HQ2 where you can make high quality videos, a coop-,cup- and splitscreen mode... ... te,27.html

*New* CD-Action ( Polish Magazine):

Summary by me and translation by elitechris, thanks to him :)

-planets is the new currency and not coppers ( yes many magazines wrote it will be coppers, but its planets)
-in the Maniaplanet main menu the conversions of the titles will be placed
-at the moment its not 100% sure how you get planets, but its sure that everyone will receive the same amount in the same timeframe. also you can get planets by selling your own maps, winning tournaments organised by users and Lottomania. all this things can be made by players and limited in their own way.
-planets can be used to make advertisements in the main menu, which will be presenting your own accesories.
- gameplay isnt too much different from previous editions-> tracks are loading fast in several seconds, so all of this is to create perfect trails to drive and beating your own scores by losing not much time.
- there will be no puzzle mode, in canyon only race mode will be available, but the writer is sure that many gamers wont like that.
-splitscreen mode will be available


little summary:

- in demo only time attack is available later on some more
-the standart camera nearer than in tmuf
-beta is coming end of June or begin of Juli ... anyon.html

tcq wrote: This functions as a internet browser. You can enter tags over a taskbar in the upper part of the screen to be connected to subdomains of other gamers, where you can test their maps or watch videos of their tracks. For this, the game directs you to the internet explorer if you call a scene web site like TM-tube, where trackmania videos can be uploaded to. Creation of fillip should be done through the sharing system. Through earned coppers, the game currency, you can add ad's on other servers to make your tracks more known.

Furthermore, there will be news about SM and QM on the gamescom in cologne (17.08 to 21.08.2011)
Nadeo intends to give more information to both games at the gamescom in cologne.

And they said that there will be the possibility to connect, somehow the different games through campaigns.

Of interest will be the maniaplanet syste, when it comes to the section of self made campaigns. If you create a set of tracks, you can create a package for other players. Thereby, tracks can be randomly conglomerated and contain missions with different aims for SM, QM and TM2. There should also be online competitions.
Looki wrote:So viel sei laut Nadeo bereits sicher: Alle drei Spiele lassen sich untereinander kombinieren, sprich für 'Trackmania 2: Canyon' erstellte Strecken können alternativ und mit geringfügigen Umbaumaßnahmen auch für 'Shootmania' und 'Questmania' verwendet werden. Sogar das Erstellen zusammenhängender Missionen mit eigens eingestellten Zielen ist möglich. So könnt ihr zum Beispiel eine Kampagne mit Levels aus den drei Spielen zusammenstellen und bestimmte Vorgaben, wie Zeitrennen oder Stuntrennen, festlegen. Wie das in der Praxis funktioniert, soll spätestens auf der gamescom im August gezeigt werden.
Nadeo said that this is for sure:

All the games can be combined together with each other, so you can create a track for Trackmania 2 Canyon and you can use it( with some changes) into Shootmania and Questmania. Even the creation from combined missions with your own settings is possible. For example you can make a campaign with levels of all three games and specific options like Time Attack or Stuntraces. How this is working will be presented at least at the gamescom in August

orginal article: ... 838_1.html


There are not many more news about trackmania 2 but for maniaplanet.
trackmania 2 news:

-tracks are build from the community ( some people were invited to the french studio -> only french people were invited to build the tracks)
-,,cars are fealing heavier and on hard maneuver the car is lurching but we never made a turner or something like that´´
maniaplanet news:
-ManiaHome = Facebook (you get messages when friends uploading tracks and and and..)
-ManiaLive= create your own plugins ( for example fanfare= start music of game or a competitionsystem)
-ManiaPub =tournaments (with it you can make promotion for your tracks)
-Trackmania 2 is pretty good connected to your standard web browser, you can download for example extra tracks/maps/cars from the internet and it will be automatically added to Trackmania ... /id,58386/

Pc Jeux:

Most important Infos:

- it was really hard to equalize the game between fun and realistic, but they were succesful.
- Tracks are made by Nadeo and not by community as Gamestar said
-the game is running perfectly even on micro laptops ( with bad graphic card for example)
-the game will be only avaiable online, there is no packed version
-there will be a NO free version ( there will be just a small price )
-the editor has many more blocks and much more possibilitys and a great editor for ghosts and so on

not available on internet

Computer Bild Spiele:

There are really not many new infos but here the most important:

-the graphic looks much better but the realism is as much as in Trackmania 1 ( = good, because it makes fun)
-in the editor you can choose , when you build a track between standard and advanced as in Trackmania 1
-Q4 2011 is release date
- some infos about Maniaplanet and that you can upload your tracks / ghosts/ maps on it
-and as gamestar said the Community built the tracks for Trackmania 2 Solo Campagne ( I would be really interested in who built the maps ) ... 41933.html

Pc Games:

-up to 200 players can play against each other online ... ik-821897/


-you can make a campagn with all 3 moduls!! to make an ultimate game thriatlon!! that means tm2, sh ,qm together in a campaign!

-they editor is very big but its so easy to make a map as in Trackmania 1
-you can enter tags , with them you can go directly to tm-tube, tm-exchange or tm-carpark INGAME! ( this manialinks are marked blue in the game)
-external links for your browser are red marked
- you can buy advertisements for your tracks cars and so on with planets!
-a micropaymentsystem is not planed with real money ( that means planets are free)
- you can get planets when you win a race ( for example)

-top speed of the canyon cars are 500 km/h ( 310.69 mph)
-canyon will cost around 15-25€
- the cars are very fast but if you got some practice you can even handle those cars at top speed
-maniaplanet will include a ranking and matchmaking system . Gamerscores Achievements and trophies. ... n/113285/1

Gamestar: ... 22510.html

Onlinewelten: ... ania-7816/

Betainfo/General Info: ... ng-in-July ... vo#topnews ... aniaplanet


The TrackMania phenomenon is back! TrackMania2 Canyon will give players an adrenaline-filled experience, even better than the original Trackmania game played by millions. TrackMania 2 goes far beyond traditional driving games with a fully customisable world of tracks generated by players themselves! With loops, wall rides, ramps and a multitude of other stunts, you're in for the ride of your life.

Race in a stunning Canyon environment with infinite possibilities and optimized to run on most PC's


The car feels realistic and the handling is more precise than ever. Create your own tracks, cars and scripts with more design elements and programmable parameters than ever before.

The in-game studio lets you edit TV-quality highlights of your best races. Share your video highlights and other creations with the TrackMania 2 community.

Up to 200 players can challenge each other at once on the same track! Plus, check out the official rankings to see how you rank in both solo and MP modes.

Trustworthy anti-cheat system, robust dedicated servers which enable more than 200,000 players to play daily. Thanks to this, TrackMania is still the most played online racing game worldwide as well as at E-Sports level.

release date September 2011!



note: Pc Gamer and Edge have no new information, so I didnt make a summary about them


E3 Expo Interviews: ... DF&index=9 ... DF&index=8

E3 Preview ... iew-Video/
(thanks to tcq for posting)

Jeux Video:

Interview with Hylis ( I would be happy about a translation/summary) ... are-3.html


Interview with MrBob:

little summary:

-there will be the same chance for all players with or without keyboard ( its not like in Rally)
-early July beta and release date hopefully in 2011

nothing more interesting, just that Trackmania 2 will be a new level, better graphics, pak editors, maniaplanet...


min 0-8: Interview with Hylis, very much informations about their plans and the future of maniaplanet!

min 8-13 he is just saying:

you can make your own visual damage skin for your car and he is very exited about the Beta in end of July! ... astelnerac
the interview is in english with german subtitles
to see the first ingame scene go here:

Ubisoft TV Show:

The Ubisoft TV Show 08/2011 shows some new gameplay and also some news ( but they are already known)


From right to left is Adrienne Pechère, Anne Blondel-Jouin, Edouard(down low)aka Mr Bob, Jerome Chatelain, John aka the Killer, and Dan Moore aka The Doctor.(crouched down)
The white picture is Hylis Castelnerac, who couldn't visit the E3
(thanks to TheDoctor for the pic)
Upcoming News:

At Gamescom ( 18-21 August in Germany/Kööln) you will be able to play Trackmania 2 and talk to the developers

Beta 1 and Beta 2

Beta 1 is starting at 19th July.
Hylis wrote:Anyway, there will be less than three weeks between beta 1 and beta 2 I think.
Beta 2:

1-14 August

So most important:

-beta 1 starts 19th July and beta 2 2-3 weeks after beta 1
-release date is in September 2011
-20€,£17.54,$28.29 (!) it's the offical price now( ... e-to-stay/)
-every year a new environment ( one for QM,SM,Tm²)
-no block import for the first time
-optical damage ( you can modify it with it's own file)
-there will be a script to create your own race mode


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Re: Screenshot and Video Collection

Post by Sabre » 29 Apr 2011, 23:03

you are really, really hyped for tm2 arent you? o_o

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Re: Screenshot and Video Collection

Post by wiidesire-2 » 29 Apr 2011, 23:20

Sabre wrote:you are really, really hyped for tm2 arent you? o_o

I am :lol:
Picture/Video/Article Collection Topics:
TM2 Canyon | TM2 Valley| TM2 Stadium| SM Storm
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Re: Screenshot/Video/Article Collection

Post by seeba » 29 Apr 2011, 23:51

I really like the idea of having all links and images gathered up in one thread, though I think having them resumed is an overkill :D
For more detailed informations, we have Knut's threads....

However, good work with the images :)

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Re: Screenshot and Video Collection

Post by FuriousKid1996 » 30 Apr 2011, 00:26

wiidesire-2 wrote:
Sabre wrote:you are really, really hyped for tm2 arent you? o_o

I am :lol:
Me too :D

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Re: Screenshot/Video/Article Collection

Post by Trackmaniack » 30 Apr 2011, 00:46

Thanks for the archival! :D

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Re: Screenshot/Video/Article Collection

Post by tcq » 30 Apr 2011, 01:07

Well done, good work :)

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Re: Screenshot/Video/Article Collection

Post by haenry » 30 Apr 2011, 08:35

Nice :)
this should be in the centralized news topoc ;D
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Re: Screenshot/Video/Article Collection

Post by RamCUP2000 » 30 Apr 2011, 12:04

bad idea post here copyrighted (scanned) images

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Re: Screenshot/Video/Article Collection

Post by Andi1996 » 30 Apr 2011, 12:46

Thx wii :)
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