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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by Knutselmaaster » 11 Jun 2011, 00:36

Wo0o0o0ot, really great report with high journalistic value.
Thanks a lot for sharing that with us.

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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by The_K » 11 Jun 2011, 01:00

until Next time Doc!
My Favorite Quotes from the Nadeo team at E3:
Jeryo: This is my track!
MrBoB: Dancemania coming soon!

You Jokers! Had a great time with all four of Nadeo's team that was Present!

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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by fastforza » 11 Jun 2011, 01:33

Cheers Doctor! Very much appreciated! 8-)
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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by mistertl » 11 Jun 2011, 07:44

Thanks! Really nice to read!
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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by isamu » 11 Jun 2011, 08:52

Hello The Doctor and thank you *VERY* much for your detailed impressions good sir! It's MUCH appreciated!!

Doc, I have two questions I'd like you to address please, regarding these two comments below:
TheDoctor wrote: I really missed my steering wheel.
Since you mentioned a wheel, I am assuming you use a wheel as your primary instrument for playing TMU/TMUF? If so, with that being the case, did you ask anyone at Ubisoft/Nadeo how the car in TM2C will handle with a steering wheel? And whether or not true force feedback effects will be delivered to FFB wheels? If so, what did they say? I have been trying to ask this question to anyone at Nadeo here on the forums, but no one seems to want to answer this question. My FFB wheel is the *ONLY* device I will be using to play TM2C, so I'm a bit concerned that the game will not drive properly without good force feedback support :(
TheDoctor wrote:Drifting is easy to master and long, looong drifts are possible. Longer than the Island environment even.
OK, you bring up favorite aspect in racing games. I am going to post a video containing footage of a Ferrari drifting in the game OutRun 2. Watch the video and please tell me how the Canyon car's drifting physics compare to the long controlled drifts in OutRun 2: Please pay attention at time: 30 seconds into the video to see an example of a good drift.... it drift like that?

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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by TheDoctor » 11 Jun 2011, 09:29

Wheels have been tested and have the standard feedback that the game already provides. I can't say first hand that when the car breaks loose the steering tension is greatly reduced via the wheels's driver. That I don't know.

As to how the car handles during a drift:
1)On pavement, no the car does not handle like that. The car slows to a point eventually that a drift is no longer possible. Drifting around a turn is slower than driving around a turn. But if a turn is sharp and or you have a lot of speed drifting the turn can result in a higher exit speed of the turn than trying a Island style "no-slide" type of turn.
2)On dirt, yes the car behaves a bit like the video you refer to but there is still a greater loss of speed. When straightening out the car you "feel" the tires bite.

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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by elitechris » 11 Jun 2011, 09:42

Many thanks for giving us this intersting things. It was definetly entertaining and great to be there.

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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by w1lla » 11 Jun 2011, 10:10

nice read ;). Really vamped about it now.
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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by CraxX » 11 Jun 2011, 10:52

THX for the beautiful work TheDoctor. It was awesome to read your info's and to watch the videos ;)

beta coming closer...

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Re: The Doctor @ E3

Post by » 11 Jun 2011, 11:23

Great, Manialinks inside game are the same!!! 8-)
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