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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by JumperJack » 28 Feb 2013, 10:05

Pedal wrote:
Jojo_44 wrote:What happened to view 2 ? Completly different to the old one (too flat). That´s bad the rest looks fine :thumbsup:
^ This i agree on. My first reaction was that i was too far back of the car loosing some "Contact" with the car.

Others who use cam/view 2 when driving thoughts on this?
i have been a cam2 driver for eight years, and i must admit that this cam2 is terrible and not usable indeed.

however, i took it as an opportunity to finally switch to cam1. ;)
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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by tombuilder » 28 Feb 2013, 10:48

Heyho! I`m new here, so thank you very much for bringing stadium up to date! I`m a TMUF dirt driver and was excitedly waiting for this. First of all, it looks great :thumbsup:
But now I have some questions or remarks:
- Please bring back old cam2, it felt much better and would be so great ;) (I am old (30) and can`t change my habits that quickly)
- I`m also testing storm and need different graphic settings there. Do I need to change them everytime starting Maniaplanet or do I have to create two accounts (for SM and TM) to omit this?
- As previously mentioned, the cars seem a bit too sparkling to me.
Anyway thank you again Nadeo, you do great work and are really nice to everyone :thumbsup:


Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by zarexz » 28 Feb 2013, 10:50

Will eventualy the full release version of Stadium have a podiumblock aswell?

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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by kadaz » 28 Feb 2013, 11:22

Clearly... stated.

Either way the environments need to get rebuilt, now or later.. First, I was saddened that stadium came out in that shape, with not of much of an moderate fix on 'importantly'. Because it had looked like just got ported in, right off the maniabox grill, with a few slight changes.. yet who knows how much work already went into it, so second 2 off.. next concur; alright..

:arrow: Kewl Kudos for UBISOFT, in saying, presenting an open beta for testing, is a kind considerate thoughtful way
of asking for help, for us, yes you, to share the 'most impressed' needed changes for the driver, reflectively, the outcome of our Ol' Grand Stadium.

Now at ... 10#p146814 is a collection of mentioned things that would help out in enhancing the game away from its 'rigidness' and to best put it.. infuel some fully enthused collaborated ideas, to add an heightening for the game enjoyment, thus meanwhile avoiding the ever so much on edge burning thumbs, sweaty controller and I got to piss alot, thanks very much.. not.

Lastly, for entrepreneurs, the restrictiveness of stadium block pieces, slowed trackmaking, until block-mixing utilities, namely, TMunlimiter. Moreover it is when your in such a confined environment, the addition of those little changes (lights, animations, expanded hemisphere, and in particular, the requested lowered, oh please.. 'StadiumCircuitBorderStraight', lol, next, now said, the basic in-car cam fov view) can aid the release of the thought into focus the necessary simple requirements in order to help Trackmania gamers reach a greater gameplay fulfillment.

And perhaps, in of all, with that 'so much more fun and enjoyment' we can restfully spend more quality time with family, friends, and taking the pet dog for walks in the fresh air. This reinforcement will enables us to put an valued emphasis on planning a future ahead of us rather than being a seat coaster for hours till end, tweezing insanely for .03 second track record. Lets breathe, TM2 ManiaPlanet Fans, read on.

:!: Its not how fast your drove, it's that you made it across the finish line.

:D Enjoy, Dan.
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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by Jadis » 28 Feb 2013, 12:53

Wow, the interface has really changed :o and the graphics also improved a lot.

I think Nadeo have done a good job with this new Stadium. Only the cam changes are a very annoying, as well as the view of cam 2, which is different to TMF; would be nice if they fix it. I also expected to see 0.001s time differences but the records still look the same as in TMF. The rest looks awesome, can't wait for the full version.

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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by Pacay » 28 Feb 2013, 13:03

aaaaah, very nice, .bik files working :D

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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by Allanon » 28 Feb 2013, 13:04

I just wanted to pass my appreciation to Nadeo for bringing out TM2 Stadium for a open beta. The last few months my passion for TM had waned, and although Stadium 2 doesnt have major changes, there has been enough tweaking to get my TM juices flowing again. Loving the new graphics and engine sounds!! :thx:

Best $9 ever spent :D

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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by HyPeR92 » 28 Feb 2013, 13:13

The game is quite good except for two things.

Please change back cam2 to the old one in tmuf.
I cant drive properly with cam2 anymore and cam 1 and cam3 are even worse.. the old fixated cam2 of tmuf would be quite nice so please change it back :/
Yesterday I met quite a few people who had the same problem and opinion.

and i hope its a bug that by driving into a loop or a wallride the cam change to cam2.. from cam3 instead of cam2 zu cam3. What kind of shit is this. Its totally unplayable if the game dont switch to cam3 in loops, wallrides etc.
On maps like these you had always the oppertunity in tmuf to change to cam3 for the whole map but now it changes from cam3 to another cam wtf^^

Hope its a bug of the old maps, but on the nadeomaps its the same thing.. please fix it.


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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by _w_i_b10hanno » 28 Feb 2013, 13:51

I agree with the others,
the new Cam 2 feels strange because the field of view is far to wide for a 16:9 resolution.
But if you play on a 4:3 resolution it is much better than the old one.
So in my opinion you should keep the new one and call it Cam 4 and fix Cam 2.

And pleeeease a bit darker tiretracks.

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Re: Trackmania² Stadium Open Beta

Post by ultravisitor » 28 Feb 2013, 13:59

_w_i_b10hanno wrote:So in my opinion you should keep the new one and call it Cam 4 and fix Cam 2.
+1 there
The new camera2 is good, please do not delete it if you want to return to the old camera2. Make a cam4 in this case.

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