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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by Forgot10 » 21 Jun 2010, 18:58

I hope you guys understand that Gued was talking about wheel.

I've tried my friend's wheel once in TMU, it felt a bit strange, as Gued said, because the wheel doesn't even try to go back to the center position.

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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by Knutselmaaster » 21 Jun 2010, 21:50

Thanks a lot, now i get it.

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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by arkone » 22 Jun 2010, 14:28

I totally agree with gued, not much to add about why the FFB might be implemented.
But it's not the only thing missing in TMF for wheels, for example : throttle/brake axe (Y) is not separated so no air-control for players who use pedals.
And perhaps the cam Anchor (4) too but this one is not only for wheel players (i use it on speed/snow at pad and it really miss on tms and after to test it with the mix-env, it would be just perfect ^^), it's like the view of a FPS game but where you see your car, which is very better than the cam3 :P

We just want the best experience of driving on TM, a race game has to be played at wheel in my opinion, even an arcade game.
Without this kind of stuffs, the experience and the gameplay seem less good, less immersive like the example gived by gued with the pad vs kb/mouse for fps or rpg games...

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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by Wormii » 22 Jun 2010, 14:38

As arkone said, more cams could be cool. Personally I like cam 1 the best, but some people use others too. Camera where you can see car hood could be nice, like TMN ESCW game intro movie & many videos on TM-tube and TM-outros and gps ghosts. :D
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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by weerwolf » 22 Jun 2010, 19:22

I know what you want, but i think that just isn't trackmania. It does not have to be real. Thats for me the reason anyway why i got addicted to this game. ( O god, what would it be nice to see some teleport-block on the road.. ^^)
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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by TheDoctor » 18 Aug 2010, 16:55

Check out this topic here
Forgot10 wrote:I've tried my friend's wheel once in TMU, it felt a bit strange, as Gued said, because the wheel doesn't even try to go back to the center position.
That is the problem isn't it. My MS force feedback wheel centers perfectly. My G27 still does not but is close(still tweaking). My Rumble pad 2 works well but I'm still not as good at it as I am with the wheel. The Thrustmaster wheel (their top model) hardly centers at all. I have tried the top Saitek wheel and it almost centers as as well as the G27(I'm not sure but i think they have discontinued production of this device).

Some of the spring loaded cheap wheels center pretty well but the size of the wheels is small and their resolution are lacking and I'd probably break them inside of their 90 day warranty. cheap is cheap.

I can go on but I'll put up my feelings about controllers in general in the other thread.

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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by isamu » 29 Apr 2011, 08:44

I just wanted say thank you Guad for starting this topic! I couldn't agree more with everyone regarding why it is important for Nadeo to add TRUE force feedback support....not just rumble, for those of us with PC FFB wheels. A lot, and I mean A LOT of PC users are using FFB wheels nowadays to play all sorts of racing games! I don't think those people want to go back to using a joypad any time soon.

One of the threads in the main forum has a quote from an article, and the translated text seems to imply that the Canyon car will handle differently and will have a much heavier feel to it. In addition, the article seems to imply that the car will not only be fast, but the physics will focus on long drifts around corners that can be done with enough practice. That is VERY exciting news! If that is true, then the game really really REALLY needs proper force feedback support for wheels. Can you imagine how fun it would be performing long controlled drifts around custom tracks while fighting the forces in an FFB wheel? I get goosebumps just thinking about it, and it reminds of the arcade days when I used to play Daytona USA with an FFB wheel.

So please please please Nadeo....we are BEGGING you!!! Please put in proper Force Feedback support into Trackmania 2. We would all so very much appreciate this important request. Thanks for listening and have a nice day : :o

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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by deloreanbr » 22 Aug 2011, 17:46

Please, let me use this thread to ask a question. Does the TM2C Beta work with controllers at all? Because I have a G27 but couldn't use in the game. I haven't found any configuration to make it use the controller... [sorry for OT]

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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by isamu » 23 Aug 2011, 09:26

I'm really surprised no one has answered whether or now wheels work AT ALL. If you are using a wheel, does force feedback work?

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Re: [Controller] ForceFeedback support

Post by Gued » 24 Aug 2011, 13:43

Force feedback doesn't work :/

Double Pedals (accelerator-break) on a single axis doesn't work either. If you uncombine the pedals in the wheel configuration, you can't break and accelerate at the same time...

So wheels are nearly unusable in Canyon if you also take into account the gameplay of the environment.

I wonder why there is this smiley on that forum: :pil

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