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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by haenry » 24 Jun 2013, 12:13

infarctus wrote:I bet an eye that it is in their plan.
Like questmania and a free version of stadium/Shootmania is in their plan :roflol:

Would be cool to have a trackamania classic! But Nadeo has no time to do that I think...
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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by Filipe1020 » 24 Jun 2013, 18:46

Something that I would love to see on this thing is remixes of TMO and TMS musics, in my opinion they are lot better than TMU's

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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by PapyChampy » 24 Jun 2013, 18:50

JumperJack wrote:
eyebo wrote:But I too long for those classic environments to be added to ManiaPlanet. They are still some of the most fun, and the BEST environments for builders to innovate in for years to come. I'm all for new environments, but please don't leave these classics to fade away in TMUF. Keep them alive by adding them to ManiaPlanet.
that would be great, and just what the community needs! :thumbsup:
I'd personally love to see this happen.
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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by Rots » 24 Jun 2013, 18:52

OH YES! great :thumbsup: @Filipe1020

But make it happen together... and not split in titles! I mean... United title with all of its moods inside :D
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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by TheM » 24 Jun 2013, 20:41

I like to see this happen, after the current titles are bugfree and Storm + Stadium demo's and Valley are released. :) ;)
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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by zarexz » 24 Jun 2013, 21:49

Totaly out off the blue I'd just like to shout: COAST :pil

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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by andrus » 24 Jun 2013, 22:57

As I know nadeo for totally doing the opposite of my dreams, id say it's not going to happen but who knows...

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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by coolsnake » 25 Jun 2013, 07:26

If it happened in the distant future, sure. I'd like to see Valley, QuestMania and atleast another TM environment before Nadeo gets to cash in on my nostalgia.

Pricing seems hard though. Would you pay 10 euros seperately for each environment? Do you expect it to cost 20 euro's in total? Wouldn't people just buy that and ignore all the other environments because it's such good value for money?

I always thought amalgating content in TMUF was great from a community perspective but absolutely terrible from the business side of things if you plan to release new content afterwards. Good luck trying to convince your consumer base to buy the new stuff when you have just put all the old content in one neat little package.

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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by YonCan » 25 Jun 2013, 10:43

@coolsnake: You bring it to the point. Pricing is tricky for remakes (and behind every corner people are lurking who want to have a title for free :lol: ).

No doubt, I would also like to see United in MP, but first Nadeo should earn some money with Valley & Co. I can wait that long and will be content with TMUF meanwhile. :)

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Re: Trackmania 2 United, make it happen

Post by .Seki13 » 25 Jun 2013, 14:16

Technically if this had to happen it will be a full remake of TMUF which should be an enormous work. :shock:

I don't deny that I would love to see this coming to ManiaPlanet as I am not going to buy TM² Stadium since I can play it for free but if TM² United comes to ManiaPlanet I might reconsider. ;)

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