Suggestion for the Community: Survival and Crazy Title Packs

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Suggestion for the Community: Survival and Crazy Title Packs

Post by Alter-Fox » 05 Jul 2013, 03:28

I'd love to see the classic Survival and Crazy modes remade in TM2 with the new environments. Especially now that we have three of them (even if the title packs have to be made separately for each one :P). And I hope I'm not the only one who'd love to see that because I can't do it all myself -- although I'd love to contribute tracks and songs.

What does the community think?
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Re: Suggestion for the Community: Survival and Crazy Title P

Post by steeffeen » 05 Jul 2013, 10:08

could you please explain the modes for the players who aren't familiar with them? :)
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    Re: Suggestion for the Community: Survival and Crazy Title P

    Post by qweytr » 05 Jul 2013, 14:30

    These modes are a bit hard to explain thoroughly, so if something remains unclear, just ask and I'll try to explain it better.

    There's a campaign of 18 tracks. Each round two of these are randomly picked. (Those that you have already selected or skipped can't be picked again.) You must choose one of the two tracks and then race on that track (or sometimes you can skip directly to the next round.) You'll race against up to three ghosts that are more difficult the higher the round is. (First they are e.g. Silver, Demi Silver and Bronze, later e.g. Author, Demi Author and Gold and on the last round only Author.) If you lose to all the ghosts, game is over and your result is the number of the current round. If you win one ghost, you get to the next round. If you win two ghosts, you get to skip one round and if you win three ghosts, you get to skip two.

    If you pass the last round (number 18), you unlock ultimate survival mode. In ultimate survival mode the only ghost from the very beginning is the author medal. To pass the ultimate survival mode, you basically have to win the author medal on first attempt in 18 tracks in a row. (The most difficult challenge in any TrackMania ever!)

    There's one track with many ghosts on it. Each round you must beat the slowest of these ghosts. This ghost is then replaced with your own ghost. The amount of racing time you'll have to beat all the ghosts is the total time of these ghosts added together. If this time reaches zero, the game is over and your result will be number of the current round.

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