PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

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PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by TMarc » 01 Nov 2013, 17:42

Hylis speaks at the ESWC main stage at the 2013 Paris Games Week before the 2013 ESWC TrackMania² Stadium Finals. ... TrackMania

Presenter (Olivier Morin):
Ah, it feels good to be on the stage! Paris Game Week, still there!? Sure you are here, for the first finals of TrackMania which we will see in a few moments.
We now have 10 years of ESWC, and we also have 10 years of TrackMania. Since 2006 TrackMania Nations is on this stage, we have seen the first champions, even French champions were acclaimed here.
And now we will celebrate 10 years of TrackMania.
I ask you to applaud the one who as conceived this game with his studio: Florent Castelnérac (Hylis).
It's great to meet you once again. We have seen that between ShootMania and TrackMania there is always something new. And now it makes 10 years.

I think that it is not a coincidence to yee you again since ESWC has 10 years.


We have 10 years, and we are here with ESWC since 2006.

That's true.

It is now 7 years ago, and it is a good thing, the 10 years feel good.

Yes, it is a great pleasure. And we see more and more people wanting to support the champions, to gain the title of world champion.
I'm sure you have something to announce for those 10 years now.

So these are the 10 years of TrackMania.
To this occasion we will invite all the players to play TrackMania² from the next week on for free online.
We will finish this with a international LAN in 20 countries.
We will make the big stuff online, with tournaments from the players, with creation contests, many things like this.
So you are invited to join us from next week on, to play TrackMania².
You will get to know on our website.
TrackMania is 10 years now.
I'm leading the team which is behind. Last year we let the whole team come here on this stage, since they are working in the background. They're working now since more than 10 years on TrackMania, as we had started long before the release of the first TrackMania. And they are still working on TrackMania.
We don't stop now after the 10 years, we continue, we continue.
We will bring new features soon. We still provide updates.
The next features we will provide...
We will liberate the editor in the creation. Little dedication to the mappers who were waiting for it.
This means we will do mixmapping :)
We will free the creation and at the same time we will give... we will bring it forward, because if you go to TrackMania, you can now see all the most popular creations of the players.
This means they can create own titles, which are experiences, for example there are stunts, they do stunters contests.
Well, we will see that those competitions are popular, and you can go there and play those stunters competitions.

And finally the last functionality we will add soon, which will be a major step for us in the history of TrackMania and globally for ManiaPlanet, is that we will allow the players to create demonstrations of their creations, and therefore to address directly the other players, by bringing them a demo version of their creations.
It is somehow a "vision 2.0" of the players creations.
And it is those players I'd like to honour today, since it is 10 years of TrackMania, and everyone knows that TrackMania only exists with those players, given that it is them who are making the tracks, it is them who are doing the server, it is them who are doing the competitions.
These are the news.
For these 10 years I would have loved to invite all those players on the stage. It seems difficult when one knows how big the community is.
Therefore I have invited two of them today, and they will tell us a bit what they are doing.
This will give you an idea, perhaps an overview, but this is nothing compared to the 10 years where players have servers, tracks, competitions.
You can imagine the creativity.
For example there is a website that hosts videos, now they have 15.000.
There is a site that hosts tracks, they have millions.
There is a site that hosts cars, they have hundreds and hundreds.
There is a site which shows news, there are updates every day.
This is it, the TrackMania community.
Therefore I will welcome two of them on the stage, if they can join me now.

Applause, please! The two players.

Thank you Stéphane and Kevin to joins me here, to celebrate the 10 years.
They do not represent the whole community, but I think that they are known in the community.
And we will present them to you so you understand how a player exists in the lap of TrackMania, and how he is contributing.
Now, Stéphane, what are you doing in the community especially?

[Note: Stéphane is known here as mangastef, his competition thread is here: Planets Millions Cup, hf every 3th Thursday of the month]

Stéphane (mangastef):
I'm organizing the PMC, a competition which happens once each month, and this since some time, since 2 years on TrackMania². It was already there on TMU, the CMC.
It is a small competition, we drive in rounds, with 4~5 tracks.
The goal is to... Excuse me. [voice got low]

You say there are 4~5 maps, who has created those maps then?

By the players, they are proposing stuff, creations, which take 5 to 10 minutes to drive, we even saw 15 minutes.
And they are unknown to the players who will participate to each event in the evening.

This means in the evening of the competition, the players get there, and really no one knows the map? Why? Not even you?

Of course I know them, I have to look at them, check if it is driveable until the end.
For me the goal is that everyone should be able to finish it, even if sometimes there are little pitfalls, little losses, but generally it always turns out good.

OK. And when this competition happens, you should normally win. But are there players who surprise you by their talents, to do things other than to organize such a competition?

No. There are always a few players, I don't know who they do it, the aliens like voayger006 or marius, they manage to find out everything, all the traps, they don't get spoofed, they are really good players.

Even if you have the practice, if you sometimes have created the track yourself, they will manage to beat you on the track?

Yes, and I'm not the only one, there are others.

Good. This is impressive. If you want to have an idea what this looks like, this competition, we did a lillte video of it, whoch was done by another player, since there are always players who are doing things with other players, who are doing things with other players...
We will show you one minute of what this looks like, one run of the PMC.

[Note: Video by eyebo: [Planets Millions Cup] "PMC02 - Fote d'orthaugraphe" by mangastef]

Well done!

Now I am also here with Kevin, aka Purification.
Do you know who did this video? What's his name?

Hmm.. MangaStef, I don't know how did it.

It is eyebo.

So we know who did this video, it is eyebo.
And you are videomaker as well. You are a very known videomaker.
How many videos did you create for TrackMania?

I have started with TrackMania... with ManiaPlanet I did all togehter 15 to 20 videos.
It is now 5 years that I'm videomaker in the community.

So you're videomaker in the community.
Are you a great driver?

I'm videomaker and I don't consider me as pro, but it is true that most of the time I'm playing TrackMania, I'm taking time on servers, playing and making videos.

This makes years.
Do you think you have progressed while making videos, getting to know new things about videomaking?
Are there players who are impressing you, who are teaching you things as well?

Well, this is true. By the time I'm submitting videos, I'm improving and learning things, I'm meeting people, I'm meeting beginners who'd like to know how to make videos, how to implement the things good.
And this is also how we can say that TrackMania is not only a game where one is driving.
This is a game where one creates maps, this is a game where one creates media contents, we can say this is a perpetual movement of the creativity.

Yes, a perpetual movement, this summarizes well what we know since 10 years.
This means every day, this turns me really on, sincerely, regardless if it is from competitions, from videos, from news and all the rest, when I'm switching on the ManiaPlanet sphere, it can be about a gamers site, it can be in the game, I will perhaps discover something new this day. Let it be a new video or something else. And this is really the perpetual movement of the power of the players who are there, you are excited in all the directions.
It would be good if we could finish this with your latest video.
So what was the subject of this video?

The next video was submitted to a yearly video contest called IMC6.
[note: IMC: Infernal Movie Contest. 6th edition here]
In fact it is a video contest where there is every year a subject.
For example last year we had to make a trailer with only one camera.
And this last EMC which ended today, the subject was to never show the entire car.
For videomakers this was very difficult to hide or not to completely show the car.
This is a perpetual challenge for the videomaker, and this is how he learns, how he improves, and this is how he also brings new things.

So before the constraint was to have a certain sequence, and this time, in the video you will see, one should never see a car completely. This means there should always be something which passes in front, like a pole or something, whatever.
And it is with such restrictions that the players encourage themselves and train to develop their skills, their capacities, and to stupefy the other players.
Now let's watch your video.

This is some work!

Well, now. Little dedication to Revo [Note: FRAxRevoCHX here in the forum] who is organizing this competition.
It's like this, some kind of permanent rotation, a universe, this is ManiaPlanet in fact.
We took TrackMania 1 and have conceived ManiaPlanet as even bigger plattform, where the players are the heart.
I'd like to thank you for demonstrating this in a marvellous way.

Applause please!
The two players who have shown their work.
And out of this very rich community of TrackMania. Thank you!
Would you like to add something more, Florent?

No, there is nothing to add.

We were speaking of players, they are there.
And we are here to celebrate the 10 years of TrackMania, and we will not stop just here, there is a big final which is close.
There is the big final of TrackMania².
There are people, make some noise!

Unfortunately there are no French players in the finals for the first time, this has never happened before.
I have seen them in the audience. I know they are very disappointed, but it is not that bad, because the 4 players we will see soon on this stage have extraordinary skills.
Stay tuned, TrackMania².

See here the ESWC TrackMania² Stadium Finals

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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by Omnixor » 01 Nov 2013, 17:54

trackmania2 free??? which one, or all of them, or I misunderstood?
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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by TMarc » 01 Nov 2013, 18:01

It was so short, I guess it will be like SM Elite demo, or perhaps only Stadium, or for a limited time only.
I'll check later on the video.

Hylis will certainly write more soon here after the PGW.

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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by paul13 » 01 Nov 2013, 18:08

I thought I heard him saying something about allowing players to create demos of their creations. Can anybody confirm that?

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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by TMarc » 01 Nov 2013, 18:09

yeah, I confirm, but also here he did not specifiy exactly.

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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by Soprah » 01 Nov 2013, 18:12

In the conference there was nothing about Shootmania?

And what do they mean with more freedom in the map-editor? More tools coming? Only more freedom in TM-Editor?

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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by Mandark » 01 Nov 2013, 18:16

Wait, when did this happen?
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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by TMarc » 01 Nov 2013, 18:17

No, absolutly nothing about ShootMania in this conference.
Only a bit generic about ManiaPlanet, but the time was also very short due to the shifted timeline.

The editor will be openend, blockmixing will be made possible. :yes:

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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by tcq » 01 Nov 2013, 18:27

Blockmixing allowed. Please let this dream be true :)
But I'm curious about the TM² for free concept. Hopefully we will get further informations about this soon.

And thank you for the summary TMarc. Highly admired.

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Re: PGW 2013 Event: 10 years with TrackMania

Post by eyebo » 01 Nov 2013, 18:42

Thanks for this summary TMarc!!!

After stef was interviewed, they showed my video. This is the video they showed:

A comment I made on my video to mark the occasion:
eyebo wrote:On November 1, 2013 the first minute of this video was shown in front of a live audience at Paris Games Week to showcase what the PMC is all about. It was shown right after Stef (who runs the PMCs) was interviewed. :D One of my best TM moments in recent history. Thanks to Nadeo & Stef for picking this video. See you on the track!
Also, blockmixing? :O And possibly some demo for TM2? Some nice hints at cool things to come!

And Purification's video for IMC6 was incredible. Really cool that he got interviewed. He's for sure one of the best video makers in TM. Really well chosen people to interview for the 10th Anniversary!
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