Gold medal to unlock Official Mode?!?

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Gold medal to unlock Official Mode?!?

Post by smwforever45 » 17 Oct 2016, 22:09

I've just cleared Canyon's D15. Even though I thought I did rather well, I only got the silver medal... and I am not the kind of Yoshi that likes to continously repeat courses that take more than 2 minutes to clear :(
Since I'm not asked to set an official time yet, I wondered whether one needed to get the gold medal first, looked it up on this forum and I wasn't wrong...

Honestly, I'm not quite happy with that.
I'd favour it if one could set an official time from the start. Or, at least, upon clearing the course once, no matter the result. I'd especially love this on the stages that would be labelled as "Endurance" in TMNF.
I haven't unlocked the E stages yet to know if E05 on Canyon/Valley/Stadium is another 1-hour monster like E05-Endurance on TMNF or a super tedious stage like PlatformE on TMUF... but as short as D15's 8 minutes may be, while you're driving they feel like an eternity.
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