New Titlepack with EnviMix Server - yay

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New Titlepack with EnviMix Server - yay

Post by kripkee » 22 Oct 2017, 17:20


I make it short, Konte and "me" released a new titlepack called MrSloppis Titlepack.
This titlepack allows you to play on every Server (Stadium, Canyon, Valley, Stadium, Shootmania Storm, Other Titlepacks, This Titlepack,..)

You can download it in Maniaplanet or here:

Current "features":
Global Server which show you the (Main)Title, Number of Players, Name, LadderLimit (yay) and you can add them directly as favourite (sidenote, if you add this Server as favorite ingame, it won't be affected in the titlepack^^..)
Global Editor - 64*64 Stadium currently disabled (yay)

Planned features:
- Solomode with custom maps
- Onlinemode (filter by Envi, Filter by Password-Server, Search by name,...)
- Maniastore for Maps, Skins and Mods (shared by community).
- Custom Objects (yay)

The titlepack is for free, you just have to pay 70€ for all TM² Titles (yay)

Testserver to prove that EnvimixServer still working: maniaplanet://#join=multienvi@MrSloppi@MrSloppi

Sidenote to nadeo: it would be very cool if we (konte) could use the API to filter the ranks for this titlepack in Onlinemode, but yay.^^...

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Re: New Titlepack with EnviMix Server - yay

Post by Platysynthesis » 24 Oct 2017, 00:39

My only criticism for the title is that it wasn't translated correctly into English.. other than that, nice :D

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