New Titlepack with EnviMix Server - yay

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Re: New Titlepack with EnviMix Server - yay

Post by null8fuenf10 » 29 Jan 2018, 15:52

kripkee wrote:
29 Jan 2018, 06:09

you can use every map from Stadium, Lagoon, Valley, Canyon, TM²Multienvironement,... basicly all titlepacks, which have not custom blocks "hardcoded" or have a different Maptype than Standard ^^

Are you sure? Cause i tried two maps from Mania Exchange, but i was not able to play it. The Game give me a message, that there is no TM2 Titlepack installed. This are the maps i tried: ... ium-part-2 and ... he-canyons

When i try to open the map, from Local Play in Mr.Sloppis, the Map don't show up in the Browser. Also i created a Folder named LagoonCar - Valley in Maniaplanet/Maps/Downloaded/LagoonCar - Valley, but this Folder not shows up in the Local Play Browser in Mr.Sloppis!

What do i wrong?

null8fuenf10 :?:

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Re: New Titlepack with EnviMix Server - yay

Post by kripkee » 29 Jan 2018, 19:42

you did nothing wrong, I told crap. I was pretty sure that TM2_Multienvimaps work as well. But it seems it has other conditions than TM²Stadium, Lagoon, Canyon and Valley.
I saw in the beginning of the release of my titlepack aerver with Envimix maps which I knew before. Might be Eyebo has an idea, since he is hosting sometime a MX knockout server

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