Stadium. Remaining Gameplay Bugs

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Stadium. Remaining Gameplay Bugs

Post by Tobirousch » 04 Dec 2017, 15:54

After the MP4 update finally changed how randsteins behave and was very well excepted by everyone I wanted to talk about the remaining gameplay bugs that I(and hopefully other stadium players agree with me) want to get fixed if possible.

  • Landingbug
You randomly loose speed when landing. since Mp4 this bug became less frequent but it still exists. Especially if one of the wheels land on a part with height changes you often bump or loose speed for no real reason. However, even if there is no height difference you can get a landingbug if you f.e. land on the line between two Blocks. (Example

  • Midroadbug
You get a small bump from the line in the middle of the road or from the line between Blocks.
Not sure if this is a mid-road bug but this is a very interesting Example of possibly the same bug:

  • Road-Transition
Thanks to Mp4 randsteins are far less buggy but the randstein on transitions to the road from bluepart or grass is still very dangerous.
Example:, better Example:

This is not at all criticism towards Nadeo this is only me hoping they can spare some time to look at these and see if they can improve them. I (the community) would ofc be very happy and capable of providing tons of replays in case we get told to so so for further investigation.

Did I miss any Bugs? Describe them and provide a video/replay if possible! Nothing is for sure but if it's "reported" here the chance of Nadeo looking at it is a lot higher =P

[Edit] Fixing Road-Transition could be fairly "easy" if the randsteins would start a bit later and if the shape from the front would be a bit smoother/slowly raising the height of the randsteins.

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Re: Stadium. Remaining Gameplay Bugs

Post by i7mean » 11 Dec 2017, 12:09

They didn't erase the previous records on solo maps after the physics change right ? How are we even sure some of these records are reproducible now ? I mean it's simple : you change the behaviour of the car (as little as it can, i don't care), you erase the records. This isn't totally in your topic but still not off-topic either i think.
Otherwise I think you got all the other bugs listed here except the fake water bug, where your car acts like it is in the water but it's actually not, happens really often.

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Re: Stadium. Remaining Gameplay Bugs

Post by Piereinut » 12 Dec 2017, 07:36

Thank you for the gameplay, Bugs, I'm sure that I found that Bugs is right?คาสิโนออนไลน์

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Re: Stadium. Remaining Gameplay Bugs

Post by Tobirousch » 12 Dec 2017, 10:56

I don't really take a look at the solo campaign myself but imo since the gameplay change in MP4 didn't affect Stadium at all besides almost completely removing the Randsteinbug not deleting the current records doesn't produce any issues. They did however delete them anyway if I recall correctly so you don't need to worry about that.

The fake water is indeed a bug as well but it's not really random and doesn't interfere in normal gameplay because it only happens when your car is upside down and next to a water block(that can happen but unless it is meant to happen only happens when you clearly made something wrong).

It is something that should get fixed as well though, that's true.

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