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Beat my Author time, get a 1-month Twitch Sub

Posted: 12 Mar 2018, 17:32
by RastaBobby
Hi there,

I've been playing Trackmania games since November 2015 for more than 2000 hours (1200+ on Turbo :roflol: ) but I had never created a map until last month. To start my mapping journey, I decided to use the 9 blocks of the basic editor on my first track (+ some decorations) which is a mix of Tech & Platform.

I've been training so hard for the author medal that I believe only a few very good players can beat the author time I've set. You'll find the map and my author time replay here: ... ay-to-hell

And there comes the big deal: you have 1 week until Sunday March 18th at midnight CET to beat my author time. The reward is a 1 month sub to your Twitch channel (or 5 euros on Paypal if you don't have one) if you are in the first 5 players to beat my author time before this deadline. :thumbsup:

To enter the contest, you need to save your Author Medal replay and to send it to RastaBobby#2025 on Discord.

In addition, for a future big video on my Youtube channel, I request you to save as many replays as possible on my map: I will only need completed runs under 40 seconds and big fails. Get in touch with me on Discord if you'd like to help me to get dozens of replay on this map. I already got 100+ replays under 36s from my hard training so I'll be waiting for your replays :mrgreen:

Have fun on this map, offline or online with your friends.

May the force be with you! :pil

Re: Beat my Author time, get a 1-month Twitch Sub

Posted: 13 Mar 2018, 09:40
by Alinoa
Hi RastaBobby ^_^

GG for your first map and welcome into the creation world of Trackmania :D