How can you try out demos?

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How can you try out demos?

Post by TheAwesomeDJ » 22 Jul 2018, 11:56

I have been playing the Canyon for a while now and wanted to try out the Valley but i cant find anywhere to try the Demo version as you were able before. Even when pressing download demo on steam it just downloads the same Maniaplanet launcher and says that i have to buy it.

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Re: How can you try out demos?

Post by Florenzius » 22 Jul 2018, 12:47

The universal demo from the past (ManiaPlanet 3) doesn't exist anymore since MP4. To "test" the environment, you can play in the channels tho, you don't need a key for that
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Re: How can you try out demos?

Post by Demented » 22 Jul 2018, 15:02

Wait, are you saying that you can play Trackmania on Channels without buying the game? Or just that the channels is a place to try online play if you own the game?
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Re: How can you try out demos?

Post by TMarc » 22 Jul 2018, 15:39

Yes you can play :)

But only the title of the channel during the time it is scheduled.
This means all necessary files will be donwloaded and stored in the cache probably.

But you cannot play anymore once the scheduled time is over, and until the channel comes up again another day.
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