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Endurance Race server findings

Posted: 21 Oct 2018, 11:21
by Spammiej
Hello Nadeo,

As the majority of people know I have been hosting an Endurance Race in Maniaplanet since MP3. After the update to MP4 there have been numerous issues which has withheld me from hosting the race properly. Some issues were solved with the help of special server files to remove memory leaks but there are still plenty of problems which I have encountered while doing my best to host the race.

1) Spectater problem where the individual playtime spikes up to above 100hours playtime. This makes it almost impossible to see howlong people been playing.
2) Scoreboard after a race has finished stops registering placings after 25~ person finishes the race. This makes it impossible to figure out what placing you ended up in
3) Players randomly get reset to the start and lap 1 after having played 17~ laps or more. This goes hand in hand with not able to drive anymore after this happens, player is just frozen at the startline
4) Probably the main problem still is the faulty lap script that still doesn't work properly. My workaround is to use the rounds mode while validating the map with certain amount of laps.
5) Occasionally the server will crash out of the blue when the first player crosses the finish line. This was a major problem when using the lap script but seems less of a problem with the rounds script

Before I move on to hosting more races I would like to know if you have any intention to look into these issues, to me it has been a rough time organizing this event for more then 600+ players a month with so many issues that are and could potentionally happen.

Another topic which me and Toffe opened regarding this issue on the 12th of August 2017: viewtopic.php?t=42355

Thanks for reading and hopefully I can expect an answer soon.


Re: Endurance Race server findings

Posted: 21 Oct 2018, 14:22
by Rollin
The weekly endurance races are some of the most fun I ever had playing Trackmania. They even help me keep active in this game, creating a natural competitive environment where you strive to improve your skills. You could argue that this event is a key factor to keep this community active and alive. However, it seems to me, aswell as to many others who agree with me on this, that Nadeo has neglected fixing such key problems which I almost consider game-breaking for over a year now. Instead, they focus more on other things like the channel system and making sure the Zerator Servers are lag-free, which of course they are free to do so. More power to them in my opinion. The problem only arises when those things are their only focus, and other suggestions or input seems to be widely ignored. It certainly isn't the biggest event in Trackmania (speaking of the endurance race) player-wise, but you will always find a lot of the loyal community which has been there for years participating in it. This is your most loyal playerbase, and in my humble opinion their feedback and suggestions should at least be heard.
As you can probably tell, im quite emotional about this, as Trackmania is my favorite game ever, and I hate seeing it not live up to its fullest potential.