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Post by wraith » 24 Jun 2019, 15:53

Hello all

Just read a lovely post which i have added a link below for yous to read up on..

First i have problems like others do.
I have Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling. It's a specific learning difficulty, which means it causes problems with certain abilities used for learning, such as reading and writing..this as caused more problems in TM something i just do not understand no matter how many times i try "sorry" even friends sometimes fall out with me, sadly i would hide this problem away from people i liked.. but i am more than happy to say it in an open world now.

I also have Depression which is a common mental health problem that causes people to experience low mood, loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of guilt or low self-worth, disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy, and poor concentration.
This was caused from lose of close family members, also an on going health problems that i can not control..

Trackmania really does help me get over the Despression, from help coming from Nadeo and the Community and building maps/projects.

Bit extra info about me the person behind the name wraith.
ex co driver for a private ran family Rally Car "MK1 Escort 1974 Full cosworth FIA spec"
City & Guilds of Durham, Landscape gardener, including power tools like chainsaw / motor cutting tools etc.
Factory worker but hated it, love the out doors too much, bit of a person who loves taking photo's, also like fell walking well higher the better but not mountains, use google and look for Helvellyn, Scafell Pike, Skiddaw, Blencathra, Scafell, Great Gable, Bowfell, is a small handful i been up in the Lake District but i have a great respect for Helvellyn and its also the one that takes so many people not respecting it, its a place where the weather can change with a blink of the eye, there only been twice i never got to the top, once the fog rolled in and second i was not in best of health, so returned back down.
WWF World Wide Fund for Nature.

TM "My Story"

My first ever Trackmania game was the very first one think 2003, sadly at the time i had no internet so it was always about playing the nadeo maps, when the second game came along i had dial up service yous remember them funny noises it would make lol which was soon replaced lol.
Then i found this great little web site called TMX, and found the editor in game it was like heaven i had found my place to be in Trackmania, approx around the same time maniapark was found, and an other site not sure of the name but its not around now i got a dvd once from them called TM Generations, history was made at that point in time..
meet loads and loads of people in this great community, i could list a few but its easy to list the people that i miss one gamer called DaKKoN he helped me build better maps while i was playing TMU on Coast, and i will never forget him, Sivert helped me with a screen shot for a map which turn out to be called Baja which i made alot more maps for the series,
it was on "speed".
And then i had a friend called xmastree "rip"

forever autumn was my first ever mod on coast.
later on i made a good few with Skeleton, xrayjay, sadly i rare hear from Skeleton and never heard from DaKKoN & Sivert for many years :(

Beta Testing
TM got me into beta testing when i helped someone playing the game back in 2005 with some graphics / media work, next thing i am in team speak talking to a group under the name QaBoss, which was a group inside DICE, the group closed down but i was offered a place to stay on there testing list which i took, after few years i left testing for them because of offers outside of DICE..


But maniaplanet as we know it now, as always been my passion, many times people have said to me why do you love it so much, been honest at the time i could not place my finger on it and i have played a hell of a lot games from buying and testing, i now know why i love it so much its the full community including the way Nadeo helps you and wanting yous help make the game as good as it can be..
One thing is games can not change over night if you trying to help them it takes many months of hard work something i found out testing for DICE, please respect any game company.

TM Ttile packs/player channel
With xrayjay we made Rallycross "should have been WRC" but due to copyrights outside of tm we changed it to RX, where xrayjay built everything, i ended calling him Santa as a private joke because he would always turn up with gifts "items", if i get items from people i can see things to build with which is why i build so many maps, then i released Valley Motorsport Player channel, i wanted to make 5 to 10 new maps weekly over time it took it out of me and after few months the penny had dropped i really missed making maps for MX.
It also put me off playing TM so much, so i asked NADEO to pull it off the program it was done after a long time of thinking but it needed to be done to give me a long rest away to get over things in the real world outside of gaming, but close friends got me to come back because i really missed the community ok i say it "I LOVE YOUS" :roflol:

Whats Next nearly 2 years ago i had simple idea i shared with santa "xrayjay" about boat racing no name for it at the time TM Projects was a group xrayjay came up with for discord "closed private group sorry" where it was 4 members to start with and 2 nadeo members which became 3 nadeo members "Alinoa,Hylis,El★Niebo i welcome any other nadeo members who wish to look over us.
The project name was Blue Lagoon, title name comes from a local beauty spot near where i live, but just a few months ago i changed it after asking the group to OceanMania, sadly i was going to get a website but there so many using that name so thats dropped and maniaplanet is and should always be the place to add it.
The group building Oceanmania are great people with skills which will help me with everything i can not do, this is why we are now a team.

Read More on Oceanmania

Whats beyond Oceanmania
well Demented did say i love air racing, which was said many months ago, plus we have talked about another motorsport title covering more events for a player channel, but for now its just Oceanmania and i want to make more maps for MX including a map for this months MTC and more KO maps, i would love to make some car skins but already tried that again i can not work out some stuff that screw up my head lol.

No need to list anyone, because if we have chatted in a pm or in Maniaplanet, MX, Maniapark, discord, facebook, twitter i class yous as a friends.
But there is a few of yous i really do know this group are what i call close friends i would trust my life with, people i talk with when i am feeling down or other friends just need to chat get things of there minds and this is why i can never share there names.

Remember Trackamania is a dreamers paradise, i once told hylis many moons ago Trackmania is just like lego dream it and built it.
Nadeo as giving us the best game and tools, we are a great group of gamers and this is why Trackmania is still around today because of the Community.

Plus i never have classed myself as a racer including online, i see myself as a builder "creator" ok i may beat some other people online etc but thats only because of the hours i spent setting times on the 1000s of maps i have made over the years.
"Sorry if that does not make sense and spelling mistakes"

have you posted TM YOUR STORY Somewhere please add a link below or add your story below, would love to read more !

By Timania His Story !

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Post by » 24 Jun 2019, 16:46

My lame story about TM can be found here:, nothing wild or magic... 8-)
Developer of UASECO, a controller with support of the Modescript Gamemodes for TM².
Visit the official website for more:

Developer of various plugins for XAseco/XAseco2 and MPAseco, visit my lab:

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