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VR Support

Post by Austint30 » 22 Oct 2019, 23:41

Is VR support ever going to be fixed for this game? After playing TrackMania Turbo in VR I've been wanting a fuller VR experience than the extremely limited VR Support in TM Turbo.
I am disappointed to see that not only is the VR support very dated, it also doesn't work whatsoever as of ManiaPlanet 4.

VR Support is a game changer for me. TM Turbo was like driving a roller-coaster and it was an absolute blast. I really want to play TrackMania 2 in the same way.

P.S. Head stabilization (keeps the player's head oriented with the road despite the car's rotation) would be a welcome feature to add. Makes it easier to see the road and reduces motion sickness (I don't get motion sick though), and makes the driving experience more immersive in general. TM Turbo had it and it was really nice.

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Re: VR Support

Post by isamu » 23 Oct 2019, 02:51

I think the chances for it are slim. TM2 had very preliminary support for VR at the beginning but was dropped for whatever reason. A real shame because this game would an absolute blast with true, proper VR support. Oh well, at least F-ZeroGX can be played in VR via Dolphin :)

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Re: VR Support

Post by Miss » 23 Oct 2019, 12:28

Before 4.1, xbx said that VR support wasn't built in the Maniaplanet build, and he didn't know why. I wonder if he changed it :o Might have to try with Openplanet again..
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