Some car skins have glowing white textures?

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Some car skins have glowing white textures?

Post by mrwallace888 » 20 Jan 2020, 15:57

Need a bit of help. I've noticed recently when using some car skins, there's white textures that glow, like they're missing or something.
I've noticed this when using a Renault 5 Turbo (on the suspension), a Subaru WRX Rally/Gymkhana skin (the steering wheel), another Subaru WRX (the seats), a Porsche 959 (the brake discs), etc.

They used to work, but not anymore. It's possible an update broke them a long time ago, but is there a fix?

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Re: Some car skins have glowing white textures?

Post by SoraTWE » 07 Apr 2020, 07:43

Its since the last maniaplanet update,unfortunately..
For explanation,a picture from my imported kadett,were it hitted hard :


Everywhere,were its white,I copied the object,for example the tire and rotated one of it 180 degrees.
So you have two tires/objects in one position.
If I would not have done this,you would have see-through from one you are forced to make it two-sided..depending on the model..
But thats the problem : the game doesnt like two objects in exactly same position anymore and makes it white !

you can also only here try to ask the authors to update the cars,deleting that 2 objects at the same time in one position stuff..
Also I should take a hand again on that kadett,though,but I guess you all can imagine ,that it is a bad taste,when something gets changed after an update and you get bugs in your mods ,who worked over years and you have to find out,why..
But I dont want to complain,it is how it is..still it is nice ofcourse to do mods ;)

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