Making a ghost copy the player's car?

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Making a ghost copy the player's car?

Post by mrwallace888 » 20 Jan 2020, 19:58

I need help. I'm making a cool track and I'm making an intro in Mediatracker. I'm using a ghost doing a cool thing at the beginning and I want it to copy the current player's car model, is this possible? I can pick which skin for it to use but I want it to use whatever the player has. In this case, the player is on his way to the starting line, and it stops from there.
Here's a video showing my intro to get what I mean.
In the game I'm currently driving a P1, I want the ghost to automatically pick the car I'm driving.
Also need a way to make the P1 invisible so that way when the ghost comes up to the starting line he doesn't like go inside the player.

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Re: Making a ghost copy the player's car?

Post by Tushy444 » 17 Mar 2020, 17:12

You can't. You can only choose a single skin.

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