Tragario Mania MOD suggestion

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Tragario Mania MOD suggestion

Post by WhiteDildo » 07 Jul 2020, 00:33

I need you people to get and give birth to this idea.

I'm watching @yannex (currently one of the best european player at the moment) playing one MOD wich is DERBY MOD

What about the idea !! A MOD wich you have to battle against other single player, but the more people you get away from the map and the more points you get.

Points you have gotten can be taken by the one taking you aways from the map.

The last one with le best score win the game !!

the thing is that players will have to take down the one with the best score, the last one win ! (with same hurrican rule)

Does anybody can help me to achieve this ?

thank you guys
love you all
nice job by the way for what you've done with the game ;)

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Re: Tragario Mania MOD suggestion

Post by TMarc » 07 Jul 2020, 07:43

Are you talking of Shootmania here?

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