ManiaPlanet on GNU/Linux

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ManiaPlanet on GNU/Linux

Post by waelk10 » 26 Jul 2020, 11:57

Been a while since I played TM2 or even TMUF, does anyone have any tips for trying to run it on Arch Linux?

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Re: ManiaPlanet on GNU/Linux

Post by nighthawk4571 » 26 Jul 2020, 21:53

Only works (for the game client) on Windows:
However, servers do run on linux... ;)

Cheers :pil
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Re: ManiaPlanet on GNU/Linux

Post by MatheusKS » 31 Aug 2020, 19:18

AFAIK, you can run using Wine, as TM/Maniaplanet is built with Windows players in mind. No native Unix-like TM/ManiaPlanet build is known to exist (unless Nadeo did something and didn't told us :roflol: )
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