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Re: Enviroments

Post by SiH13 » 15 Jun 2010, 13:02

I remember florent saying that it will have the same quality change as in tm foever where you can adjust it by yourslef from pc0 to pc3(or 4)

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Re: Enviroments

Post by Insomnia » 15 Jun 2010, 13:05

Awesome, simply awesome! Can't wait to race on it :D

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Re: Enviroments

Post by Hylis » 15 Jun 2010, 13:13

We are working harder than ever to make it work on smallest graphic processor as possible.

Sure it could be nicer on bigger, but it is quite nice and at a very good framerate on little configuration. It is even hard to believe (but obviously, we have too, since we did it ourselves :mrgreen:) our test map in TM² runs at 50-60 fps on a Acer Revo that I bought one year ago. It does not mean it will at release or multiplayer, but we think it is even faster than Nations.

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Re: Enviroments

Post by timae » 15 Jun 2010, 13:18

that is a nice information. also because i love to shoot / work with videos and the mediatracker. thats why your info is quite okay, after i bought a Radeon 5770XXX with 1gb Cache and Video Render Pro Chip... ^____^
gogo for PC4 Render and HD clips (:

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Re: Enviroments

Post by w1lla » 15 Jun 2010, 13:21

its a relief that i dont have to upgrade my pc but still look at the graphics. Its fenomenal that a test map works ingame at a rate of 50 till 60 fps. Hope the graphics will be improved in night view as im a terrible driver in the night. 8-)
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Re: Enviroments

Post by ManiaMaster » 15 Jun 2010, 13:22

this looks SO amazing :shock:

seems like they're rebuilding the tmo environments.

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Re: Enviroments

Post by BLaHiTiS » 15 Jun 2010, 13:27

great environments. So do I see that you can use each evnironment in night time as well ? It kinda looks like snow reinvented :)

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Re: Enviroments

Post by exigen » 15 Jun 2010, 13:35

Interesting TM2 will runing on the ATI 2600 pro^^
nice work NADEO

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Re: Enviroments

Post by BigBuddha » 15 Jun 2010, 13:42

Amazing screen, but looks a bit like they just updated the TMU graphics...

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Re: Enviroments

Post by dec » 15 Jun 2010, 13:44

I must say, Nadeo you are awsome to always think about the players with low-end computers. Because of my studies I only have a laptop to carry around, and I have my PC at home where I return once in two weeks. So if I had to wait every two weeks to get home and play the new Mania series, I'd go crazy, but now I will be able to play them during the week on my laptop and enjoy their supposedly (as seen from the screenshots) awsome graphics during the weekend at home. Just awsome, I love you guys <3 :D

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