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[Menu] solo/multiplayer interaction

Post by tcq » 02 Feb 2011, 08:47

Just a few ideas which came in my mind.
If you are playing on a server, you can use a manialink, but stay on the server you are actual playing on. But when you download a replay it will disconnect you from the server. Why not creating a new instance of the game editor, which lies over the actual game instance (the instance where you are on the server)?. This way it could be possible to get on a new track, try to drive it and in case you are wondering how the record works, you can download the tmx replay and watch it, without losing the amount of time (which you need to exit the replay watch mode, and to reconnect again to the server). If you have finished the replay watching, the instance will be closed.
Another nice idea would be, when you are playing online, be able to select ghosts which you have on your pc and to play against them. If this would work, the possibility to select a player on the server and to send him that ghost,would be awesome =)

So gimme your thoughts about this ideas :)

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Re: [Menu] solo/multiplayer interaction

Post by Sammon » 03 Feb 2011, 01:45

Sounds like a nice idea, but it may be a bit difficult on less-powerful computers which don't have the resources to have multiple instances and still run smoothly.

However, I'm no programmer, so I'm sure there's a way to make it efficient. ;)
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