Which joystick, which gamepad?

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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by sanjozko » 17 Nov 2011, 18:40

ok thank you all for your advices, i will start with something cheaper like Dark Tornado and maybe then i decide to purchase thrustmaster because it looks very good. I will borrow from my friend xbox controller and i will see if gamepad fits me better than joystick.

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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by bel1be » 17 Nov 2011, 20:18

tcq wrote:Can only say that bel1be is right on this one. Using the same joystick and it works really great.
About the gamepads. Used before the dual shock and the rumblepad2 and i was able to break about 5-10 dual shocks, while only 2-3 rumblepad2. So i advise you to take at least the rumblepad2. About the cordless version, a friend of mine used it and his energy ran low during the match -_- But it's a matter of taste which version you prefer.
I know also a lot of players which are using the xbox360 pad and are quite happy with it.
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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by Lethal1 » 17 Nov 2011, 21:51

IMO, 360 controllers are by far the most comfortable in my hands. I always hated Playstation controllers because of the location of the analog sticks. So for this reason alone most if not all Logi's are a no go for me. It's really personal preference. Dreamcast controllers FTW!! hehe.

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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by ShaunYCash » 20 Nov 2012, 05:58

Just Saying, I own a Logitech RumblePad 2 (M/N: G-UF13) since about 6 years now if not more I could say it was the best deal I made if we talk about price, quality and durabillity.
It's the best GamePad I've found on the market and I play a lot with mine.
If you like the ergonomie of the playstation pad go for it, I got to say I prefer the 360 GamePad ergonomi the left stick is at the right place and the Game Pad is a little bigger which fit perfectly in my hands and provide me a better confort for gaming.
The main differance between the RumblePad 2 (M/N: G-UF13) and the Rumblepad F510 (M/N: G-U0002) which seem to be the same with a differant look (Boutons A, B, X, Y) (Boutons LB, RB) is the fact that you have the the Ximput on the F510 which is not the case with my old model but both use the same profiler software.
Hope it help you.
High price doesn't mean high quality, you pay much more for the brand name than for the quality in the case of razer product, just be carefull and take your time to read some review over the internet if you wanna save a few bucks.
Have a nice day! :pil
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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by infarctus » 20 Nov 2012, 09:44

Too smooth joystick and no resistance to have a great control on curves.
Rumble pad 2 and dual action ar both almost equal, and are definitly the best ones, maybe you should listen to tcq because, what i know about strengh is that i broke a lot, rp2 and DA so...

A joystick that i used on coast and bay, that is cheap and really great is a logitech attack 3, really good price/quality!
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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by Duck » 20 Nov 2012, 21:21

I have an xbox 360 controller and a logitech rumblepad f510, both are great.
But I prefer to use the xbox 360 controller because of the configuration on the joysticks, imo it's better on the xbox controller ;)

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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by firstdriver » 20 Nov 2012, 23:52

I use an old Ps1/Ps2 controller with a cheap Ps to Pc adapter. If you're used to a Playstation type of controller then try it ( A Ps3 controller can be used but it's a lot of mucking about with drivers)

All buttons are fully configurable and the adapter also accepts the Ps2 wireless controllers. The adapters are very cheap and if you can't find one locally then eBay has plenty ... http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_trksi ... &_from=R40

A word of advice ... No mater which controller you choose, make sure it's a strong one as it'll take a hammering on TM lol. Good luck :)

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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by Demented » 21 Nov 2012, 15:57

Logitech controllers are a lot like a playstation controller and work great for driving games.
Most of them you can even configure to simulate keyboard keys as well.
I personally would never use an xbox controller for anything other than fire wood.
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Re: Which joystick, which gamepad?

Post by Ozon » 21 Nov 2012, 17:47

I'm using a Logitech Attack 3 and no joystick is better for the united/canyon environments in my opinion! (Stadium works also well).


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