Let's begin the game...

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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by DiTThO » 06 Apr 2011, 22:02

I've got a question about gameplay.
It seems that google isn't my friend. :?

Will there be a stunt-mode in TM2?
This is really important for me since I am a stunter.
The stunt-community was not big at all in United. But it was really nice and competitive.
I would really miss that without a stunt-mode.

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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by Hylis » 06 Apr 2011, 22:13

The dates I am giving were always sincere. The Q4 2010 for the beta was a real one, but after some months, I wanted to make the gameplay model even more solid, the graphics even better and to make some blocks for both of it based on this tougths. Meanwhile, we were improving the ManiaScript speed and stability since it is difficult to make too many evolution on a scripting langage once code is started to be wrote on it. I have spent some 'weeks' in meeting and setting up the publishing internally. This is also how we are able to launch this normally this month, with upcoming printed press articles combined with community priority reveal ;)

The weeks after E3 is serious, but if we have some new discovery on ShootMania, we may prefer to wait a little to overcome the new challenges, instead of launching maniaplanet and do that at the same time. I feel we are on a great path at the moment, but if there is a new great ideas that has to be done before the first release in order to make it possible, I would have to make a choice. It is far from simply releasing a game, it is releasing an operating system that should enables players to create in it, but also support evolution from us. Also, making an online system that handles the maniaplanet system, instead of three separate games, is a development we had to make before the beta of TM².

Anyway, I hope you will appreciate the quality of the work as soon as possible!

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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by haenry » 06 Apr 2011, 22:55

Nice to hear, that you want to make such a complex system.
I did and so I guess most of as well, thought more of 3 seperated games with just one menu and forget about the complexity and connection between them. But it means as well, that you need the basic for all 3 games just to be able to release the first one?
I see the work behind it. No, I can imagine the work behind it, as I actually can't see it :lol:

So don't give us dates, but work on the game instead :D
ohh and of course thanks for the statement, hylis :)
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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by tcq » 07 Apr 2011, 06:12

Indeed, nice to hear this story and now waiting feels not so hard anymore (bah,it still feels bad :) ), but as we are now sure that there will be more appetizer in a regularity rythm, it can't be so bad.

And take your week break, when you need it, else you'll break down and this would be a very unfunny thing. You'll hear stories like : "Once there was a man. A man with a vision. He worked hard to achive it but here is the real story about the things that happen at the time when i was young...."


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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by cl_ment » 07 Apr 2011, 09:00

I also worrie about what you will show us and proposed us @Gamers Assembly. I'm really excited, and i really expect so much about TM², new gameplay, new geekage and freak graphics style.

As a 6years community guy, i can't be more excited than i am =) Hope you'll announce some news during this event.
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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by db89 » 07 Apr 2011, 09:45

Nice to hear some great news. And I'm really interesting about sites and magazines with news :D
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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by xis101 » 07 Apr 2011, 11:44

Hylis wrote:It is a new start and even this summer should feel small compared to what maniaplanet could deliver of the time after.
This seems to mean TM2 will come after the summer.
ok, let´s hope you will sweeten us the waiting time with some ingame videos (in HD), riddles and puzzles ;)

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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by Hylis » 07 Apr 2011, 13:09

cl_ment wrote:As a 6years community guy, i can't be more excited than i am =) Hope you'll announce some news during this event.
we are not based on feature, but on 'pure' stuff. So, there is less to say than to simply enjoy. It is difficult to announce news for a new operating system, but it is very important to make it well, in order to enable great future on it.

I am more excited to see what maniaplanet will become after the contact with the players and our updates than I think player can be for the simple launch of it. But anyway, it is sure we are at excited to start :D

I would say that it is even common to see people try to understand TrackMania² Canyon with features while we are more trying to make it pure, solid, fun and beautiful. This is why we have removed the other mode to start with and this is why we have not tried to implement marketing oriented features. We want to make the"online 2.0" version of a racing game, FPS and RPG, this is already enough for ambition and we think it could make them the most played. I believe TrackMania is already the most played racing game on PC, and it is because it enables the players to express themselves more in it. This is simple enough and I would not spend hours on side features if I can improve the gameplay, the graphics and the game system (online, creation, sharing etc.) These three things are really the fundamentals of maniaplanet.

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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by wienshu » 07 Apr 2011, 13:54

This is a very good idea ;)

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Re: Let's begin the game...

Post by Makikou » 07 Apr 2011, 13:58

So, beta/release this month or just new stuff? :confused:
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