Cost of the game

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Cost of the game

Post by bobbotheclown » 09 Apr 2011, 09:18

What would the first section cost?

And would it be a single environment, or the entire trackmania 2?
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Re: Cost of the game

Post by w1lla » 09 Apr 2011, 09:22


Titles (environments) sold separately at three months intervals:
Hylis wrote:The business around maniaplanet should be simple. We expect to sell each 'Title' (one environment for a game, like TM² Canyon for example) separately at a reasonable price. All the titles could be use independently but they combine themselves into a single place: maniaplanet.

In fact, it is likely that users will buy planets (the new name of coppers in maniaplanet) With it, they would be able to acquire the different titles. This part is being worked out but it is quite close to what we did with coppers capable of buying TM United.

And to answer haenry, DLC for me is when a content is necessary to fill a space that exist virtually in the game. By making separate environments, I feel it is less like DLC, but more like separated content or standalone add-ons if you prefer. In fact is also content, but not here to complete an already existing one, but to add to it.

Zooz, our minimal plan is for nine environments and current ambition is for fifteen. We will adapt to the situation anyway. There could be more or there could be less.
Hylis wrote:the price of each title will be independent. You can see this as smaller game release more often. The goal is to make a continuous release. If we release three environment in the year, at 19€90 each for example, then it would make you pay 59€70 each year for the three different environments and getting at the same time the online and engine evolution. And if you prefer only TM² and QM, for example, you can take only two and it will cost you less.
Hylis wrote:The idea is to release around three titles per year, one for each game. I would like to see one TM², one SM and one QM environment each year. Now, this is more like the general idea. We may do less if there is too much work on each, or may be more if we have a better production capacity (it is really not linked to the number of people only, but the quality and ability to be more while keeping deepness)

so, this year, we want to release two title: one TM² and one SM, and ideally, we would like to release three titles next year. But now that we are well advanced on the first TM², we have to work a lot on the first SM.
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Re: Cost of the game

Post by _w_i_b10hanno » 09 Apr 2011, 16:28

I think 20 Euros for one environment is ok, if u compare it to united where you payed 30 for 7 allready known ones :D

For sure I'm going t buy all of tem time by time, even shootmania, and i think questmaia will also be a try worth it :P
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Re: Cost of the game

Post by wiidesire-2 » 17 Apr 2011, 10:31

yeah its ubisoft, 20 euros for each

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Re: Cost of the game

Post by shaun23153 » 17 Apr 2011, 12:08

Will we have to pay a monthly charge like a lot of multiplayer games on pc, or will we just be paying for the environments? Just wondering because a lot of games now seem to be all chraging their gamers like £15 (About €18) a month just for them to play online!

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Re: Cost of the game

Post by smwforever45 » 17 Apr 2011, 12:25

shaun23153 wrote:Will we have to pay a monthly charge like a lot of multiplayer games on pc, or will we just be paying for the environments? Just wondering because a lot of games now seem to be all chraging their gamers like £15 (About €18) a month just for them to play online!
If you paid one environment once, you'll always be able to play it - also online. There's no time limit or something. Even Ubisoft wouldn't do that, and especially not Nadeo.
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Re: Cost of the game

Post by Trackmaniack » 17 Apr 2011, 18:23

Nadeo maybe wouldn't, but Ubi has, and seems to be the policy of an MMO to charge monthly. Fortunately, even though TM falls under the category of an MMO simply because of the volume of its users, Nadeo has said in the past that they're not going to charge monthly for use of their game.

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Re: Cost of the game

Post by haenry » 17 Apr 2011, 22:50

There is also no need for Nadeo to charge monthly since they will only release one environment at once. Every time they release a new one, they will get more money. This is a bit similar to a monthly fee. And so there is no need for a monthly fee :D
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