WebOne Tournament by #SteelSeries!

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WebOne Tournament by #SteelSeries!

Post by mayamz » 26 Jan 2013, 18:17

WebOne Tournament by #SteelSeries!


Your dream? We did it! We just released WebOne Tournament, a platform which offer regular online tournaments every 14 days! The schedule is ready, lots established and cash prize unlocked! You just need to read the next of the news to discover everything you need to know. Who will win the 700 euros of products SteelSeries and the 300 euros of cash prize?


These cups will be played on ShootMania every 14 days, each tuesday. The first tournament is scheduled for Tuesday 29 January and the last one, Tuesday 21 May. Each tournament (or One Shot if you prefer), will take place on an evening. Each cup will start at 20:00.

Planning & lots

Tuesday, January 29th
1st: 3x carpet QcK +
2nd: 1x server CFGServ
3rd: 3x DotA 2

Tuesday, February 12
1st: 3x helmets 5HV2
2nd: 1x server CFGServ

Tuesday, March 12
1st: 3x QcK Heavy carpet
2nd: 1x server CFGServ

Tuesday, March 26
1st: 3x Sensei mouse [RAW]
2nd: 1x server CFGServ

Tuesday, April 23
1st: 3x carpet QcK + Special Edition (Fnatic, SK ...)
2nd: 1x server CFGServ

Tuesday, May 7
1st: 3x Apex [RAW]
2nd: 1x server CFGServ

Special editions:
Tuesday, February 26: 100th cash
Tuesday, April 9: 100th cash
Tuesday, May 21: 100th cash

We are too friendly, in WebOne Tournament, there is no entry price. You don't need to pay, we offer everything! Our rules are available, you can read them on our portal. The registrations for the first tournament are now open!
To signup, you should send an e-mail to mo[at]team-webone.com by specifying the subject "Registration WebOne Tournament #1", and in the body of the text, write the name of your team and the nick of the three players. You will receive a confirmation per e-mail once your registration is accepted.


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Re: WebOne Tournament by #SteelSeries!

Post by mrtn2 » 12 Feb 2013, 06:37

How i can download its latest version with free trail :?

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