April´s Smurfscup, FUN and Planets !!!

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April´s Smurfscup, FUN and Planets !!!

Post by HaagseSmurf » 01 Apr 2013, 12:00


Another month, so we have 7 new tracks at the Smurfscup where 14.000 planets is divided for the top 10 each saturday in April!

This saturday, April 6, at 20.00 CEST we will start again our Smurfscup.

After the race of 27 April we even have 14.000 extra planets to divide by adding all points of the month April together without your worst week.
With 4 great saturday's in April we have 70.000 planets in total to divide!

But even more important then getting those planets, its just fun!!
The Smurfscup will be driven in rounds on 7 tracks on our TM2 server, Smurfen.net,
which is located in the Netherlands, Noord-Brabant, and starts each saturday in April at 20.00 CEST.

You don't have to register anywhere to compete, we simply use your login to pay-out all prizes.
Just show up and you can join and enjoy :D.

Enjoy our nice promo and watch The Smurfscup Promo

The new tracks for this month April 2013 are:

1) St3ps - Mutual Core - mx id 33650
2) Saftstein - Trashmouth! - mx id 9498
3) Sic! - P u r i t y - mx id 33529
4) Kristida - PMS Arena - mx id 30062
5) Diplo - Just for hunt - mx id 29314
6) Zipperke - Perspective - mx id 10757
7) Neonova - Perfection - mx id 5048

The weekly and monthly prizes will be divided as follows:

1st place: 5000 planets
2nd place: 3000 planets
3rd place: 2000 planets
4th place: 1500 planets
5th place: 900 planets
6th place: 600 planets
7th place: 400 planets
8th place: 300 planets
9th place: 200 planets
10th place: 100 planets

All results can be followed live during The Smurfscup at Live Smurfscup Results and in full color and detail at Live Smurfscup Rankings.

More specific info about all the rules and prizes can be found here Rules and prizes of the Smurfscup.


Check Smurfen.net and / or Smurfen.nu for all info.
You can also like our facebookpage at FaceBook Smurfen.net.
Or just visit
our Smurfen.net Canyon servers,
the Smurfen.net Valley and Royalserver.

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Re: April´s Smurfscup, FUN and Planets !!!

Post by eyebo » 02 Apr 2013, 11:27

Bring on the fun!!! :3
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Re: April´s Smurfscup, FUN and Planets !!!

Post by TheM » 03 Apr 2013, 15:16

Also checkout the ManiaActu article on the SmurfsCup and the (T)MX Knockout: http://www.mania-actu.com/eng/articles/ ... t/#content
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Re: April´s Smurfscup, FUN and Planets !!!

Post by Alinoa » 05 Apr 2013, 11:37

GL and HF :pil
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