bans on 100k servers

Rules for the servers that are running highest ladder matches

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Re: bans on 100k servers

Post by weerwolf » 13 Jun 2014, 22:20

Well, is no character attack if u feel that way ;) But u are the moderator undertaking an action which i disagreed on, and that led for me to discuss. That should actually be a good thing. If no one in my clan would say anything about decisions i make, i would never know if im doing good or bad ;) and cannot improve myself or the responsibilities i creeated for myself for being a clanleader. So do not take it personal in the way of attack. Like i said before, i respect your work and time here like many other very actives here.

U may choose to delete this topic, or leave it as u wish.
I may start another topic in time about the subject of the nucs and rox after some time Hylis asked from me.

With regards

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Re: bans on 100k servers

Post by TMarc » 13 Jun 2014, 22:47

Thanks for your open and frank words and the readyness to discuss, but also to settle down things :)
No offense taken, no one is perfect, me especially neither ;)
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Re: bans on 100k servers

Post by plopp » 16 Jun 2014, 02:43

Part of the reason why people get frustrated about rockets and nucs, on 100k servers specifically, is that Nadeo won't allow 100k Rocket vs Laser servers. I understand it's for a reason but it would be nice to have. For me with all the switching and the way rockets work in attack it's just not balanced.

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