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To Do List

Post by SpookyScarySkeleton » 23 Jun 2014, 13:11

1. Fix the matchmaking. Always bugged with ally system, long waiting, and really often not fair - gold vs bronze.
2. Bring back the old maps to matchmaking servers like it was on official ubisoft matchmaking beginners servers (Nightwatch, Housekeeping and others).
3. Add GUI and crosshair to replays.
4. Add Sound effects (double kill, hattrick, red team won le map and many more, that would be way more interesting than now).
5. Make easier and better team customize interface (colors, logo, etc).
6. Make player statistics (accuracy, captures, attacks won, etc).

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Re: To Do List

Post by Sp00kyScarySkeleton » 23 Jun 2014, 13:16

good idea
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Re: To Do List

Post by fleo » 23 Jun 2014, 14:27

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