Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by HaagseSmurf » 06 Jul 2014, 19:18

Reported earlier at ... 69#p219069
but not fixed yet, so please i hope you can fix it!

When you join as a spectator on a full royalserver (serverupdated to the newest version) other players are not visible.
Not their skins, not on the scoretables and also not in the chat.
Playernames are replaced by (??) in the chat.
You can only see players that have joined the server after you!
A logfile with the debugged version is available for xbx.

Its hard to focus at a cup when you have to explain each 2 minutes to players that just have joined that they are experiencing a bug. Also a lot of players are leaving because of these problems.
So please help ;)


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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by laracroft » 06 Jul 2014, 19:26

Please reinstate the sounds like they were in 3.0 now its shit!

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by tm2eddy0131 » 06 Jul 2014, 19:51

@tmmarc @novationx : the 16/9 is bad, but it's not grave, i have just reported this problem ^^
In html it's simple to redimension the logo in keeping the proportion, just "background-size: cover;" and it's fixed :) but is it simple in the game ? hummm

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by Rasque » 06 Jul 2014, 21:17

Let me mention the flashing metal blocks which are rly frustrating still.
Also the sign appearance problems which happen several times.

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by alphaleon » 06 Jul 2014, 22:38

Not sure if this is a bug but still want to report it, 100K servers were not working today on stadium, only one server did actually work so a lot of players couldn't play at ROC today, very sad.

This might be a server bug or something but as this is not fair for other players I report this here!

For more info: read the latest posts in this topic: Re: [TM²Stadium]Information about 100K servers
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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by trueWohoohi » 06 Jul 2014, 23:10

Of course the Sound Bugs should be fixed as soon as possible.
But like Haagse, I'd also like to see the 'Invisible Players' Bug( ... 69&t=28115)fixed, because when there will be hopefully more Players with the demo and the servers are full, the first thing they are going to see on Royal are Invisible Players. I guess that is not a good first impression ;). Also it is really annoying in the Smurfscup of course :oops:

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by fleo » 07 Jul 2014, 01:17

-At the moment including and using custom weapons in a custom mode is a real harsh work, so please add a simple way to handle custom weapons as classic ones:
--add the hit feedback with sound and display (+1, "player1 hits player2", ...),
--add an option to pause ammo reloading when unequipped (and I mean pausing, not setting to zero),
--add an option to autoswitch to laser on laserpad and nucleus in underground,
--add control of ammo/ammomax/... (energy/energymax/...) from the mode script and not only the weapon one,
--add the sound when switching weapon (the same as in Combo),
--add a function to get what action (custom weapon) is equipped (to the fire button for instance),
--should be enough for now :P

At the moment we do all of this with tricks which are not always working properly and may not work in future updates. Or at least pleeeaasse:

-Fix the sound loop glitch of custom weapons please. I really hope it's a quick fix because it's ruining gamemodes using Nadeo's weapon and custom ones at the same time.

(to sum up it's a sound which is looping as soon as somehow the reload of a custom weapon is interrupted (switching to a "classic" weapon, dying, ...) and can be stopped by leaving the server or equipping again this same weapon, watch this if you think is not important)

Oh and yeah I wish for a better menu but I don't have any constructive suggestion :P and please try to think about another way to display the titlepack owned, I spent time today to find a way to organize all that mess in a some-logical way! :roflol: and please can you explain why we have to pay for new empty stations? It's so expensive!
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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by edk » 07 Jul 2014, 05:31


Real anti-aliasing, not the useless FXAA.

This should be a real priority.

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by Hylis » 07 Jul 2014, 07:38

fleo, making custom weapons as good as possible will be one of the main part of Power Up! operation.
We have to limit the number of stations because of the heavy online services behind of today, or tomorrow. And we do not want to dilute the ability to work on the system, the catalog & the services. If you take Stadium when it's on promotion and add a 100 stations and play for 3 years, I am sure you can ask yourself how we can dev, support, provide online services and others only with that. You can ask yourself how we can make the custom weapon work ^_^

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Re: Maniaplanet 3.1 RC2 quick fix wishes

Post by jhs » 07 Jul 2014, 09:39

From MP 3.1, me and my friends gamepad not load the game. Connected we only keyboard and mouse. This is quite a problem if you do not work gamepads!!!

I have a Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510.


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