TM2 via Steam: countless slow updates before play?

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TM2 via Steam: countless slow updates before play?

Post by jonascj » 11 Aug 2017, 15:02

I just purchased TM2 Canyon, Valley and Stadium on Steam, to my surprise they only "require" 108MB diskspace per game, hinting that more downloads are to come (since no game with this kind of graphics take up only 108MB).

Upon launching TM2 Canyon from steam something-Maniaplanet launched and asked if I would like to update now or later. I chose now and an extremely slow download ensued. Now I have pressed "Update Now" 2-4 times, each download slow and of 0.5-2GB in size (I chose highdef textures), and I'm still not ready to play. E.g. I was just presented with the screen letting me choose solo (White, Blue, Red etc.) and a new download started (also slow).

Is this how it is suppose to be?

Why not download the actual game once and for all?

Is there a way around this, to update all at once? On the steam purchase page the requirements are 5GB diskspace, can I perform that 5GB download all at once?

Will this happen again when I open TM2 Stadium and TM2 Valley?

/ Jonas

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