Dedicated server - connection_uploadrate & connection_downloadrate values

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Dedicated server - connection_uploadrate & connection_downloadrate values

Post by Harest » 12 Jun 2018, 08:22


Is there any official calculator somewhere or official numbers on how much is needed per player and per spectator ?
I've a dedicated server and i decided to put an TM² server on it. The web server is not used much so the bandwidth available is relatively high though i want to keep a decent amount free (let's say half the 100 Mbps).

By default it's set to 32 players & 32 spectators for 8000 Kbps for both connection_uploadrate and connection_downloadrate. If we ignore any difference for player & spec that's 125 Kbps up/down / user, 250 Kbps bandwidth total / user.
So, if i do a server of 100 players & 20 spec, do i have to set both values to 15000 ?

The main purpose of this is to eventually be able to open several TM² servers on this dedicated server. But for that i'd really need to know exactly how much up/down bandwidth is required to set the right amounts and keep a decent amount for the rest of what's running on the server.

Thanks in advance.

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