Problem with "Local Records"

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Problem with "Local Records"

Post by nemrod87 » 29 Jul 2018, 11:19


First, excuse my english, i am French

I do not know what to do.

I have 8 Trackmania servers in STADIUM and CANYON, on some "Local Records" work and on others not. I do not understand why, so they all climbed the same way.

If we play on a new map, the window of "Local Records" is displayed well since the plugin is activated, but when we pass the arrival line the time is not displayed.

I have completely emptied my database, all the tables are well reconstituted but nothing fits in "Local Records".

I am not an expert in computer science, I have gotten to that point with tutorials found here and there.

My servers use ports 5002 - 5026 - 5034 - 5035 - 5036 - 5037 - 5040 - 5042

I am using Debian Linux 9 on an OVH server

I updated apache2 - php - phpmyadmin etc ...

I took all the latest versions of the plugins for ManiaControl V0.229 but that does not change anything

Would you have the solution to my problem?



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