[TM2S] SP resetting to 0

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[TM2S] SP resetting to 0

Post by osreboot » 08 Aug 2018, 07:05

I'm relatively new to TM in general, and as consequence I'm not quite sure if I've encountered a bug or a mechanic that I don't understand. After a few hours of gameplay in Stadium, I noticed that the skill points that I earned during another play session were displayed as 0 in the map selection screen. This is actually still happening, every time I play a track, set a time, and relog the new time's SP is recorded as 0 on the map selection. The time and global placement for that map doesn't reset, just the SP.

I've uploaded an image of the issue to imgur with the album code: /a/9wUrkZZ

What makes this problem even more strange is the fact that after I launch a map, set a time, and return to the main menu the SP is correctly displayed on the map selection screen for the duration of my play session. As soon as I log out and log back on that SP rating goes down to 0. While that SP rating is displayed it does affect my global rank, which in turn gets bumped back down in accordance with the 0 SP on relog.

Again, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a mechanic, and I've love for someone to help me understand what is happening. Thanks!

- os

EDIT: I own Canyon as well. This doesn't happen with Canyon, and it only started happening recently with Stadium. I've got a significant number of runs in Stadium that don't reset, but any new runs I make reset.

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Re: [TM2S] SP resetting to 0

Post by scavfan » 08 Aug 2018, 13:25

As far as I know, campaign map points displaying as 0 when reloading titlepack should be normal, and actual points usually show up when loading titlepack several hours later. It's annoying, but seems only like a visual issue.

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