[Canyon] Information about 100K servers

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Re: [Canyon] Information about 100K servers

Post by Miss » 01 Jul 2019, 12:24

Oh for what it's worth, I agree, I think the servers should rotate maps regularly. Servers tend to keep the same maps just so they can keep the players who grind away for 100k because those maps are the only maps they know how to play.

When we changed half of our maps on our ROC server years ago, our regular players moved to another server and nobody played on our server anymore. It's kinda disappointing.
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Re: [Canyon] Information about 100K servers

Post by DeRMulti » 08 Jul 2019, 19:20

Hey all,

Is the Revival-100k server still a valid RoC server? In Alinoas latested list I can`t find server100ktm2. So why should they have that server named 100k??? And it looks like they still get points there.

We had on our server last weekend over 10 people again after some time and the manual queue management is annoying. Did someone test pyplanet or maniacontrol for RoC? Is it even approved? Both offer queue management and I 'd love to change. But I'm no admin with experience with those controller.

Happy to discuss

DeR Multi

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Re: [Canyon] Information about 100K servers

Post by Alinoa » 09 Jul 2019, 10:40

Hello DeR Mutti,

Thank you for your feedback about the server100ktm2. They may forget to close it and I'm going to contact them.

Cheers :)
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