WebServices API GetChallengeTime ?

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WebServices API GetChallengeTime ?

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obviously no activity here for a long time and the game is not that active anymore, anyways, i'll try my luck:

i was planning a little project using the trackmania-ws so i played a bit with the API and used curl via python which worked well. my goal was to have more comprehensive features for competition/comparison for a small friend group: in the tm united client you can join a group and then see each other's times for tracks but you do not get notified if your time gets beat by a friend or if a friend improves their record. my idea was to write a small script that fetches all times for the nadeo/united/startrack challenges for a set of usernames and then generates some statistics e.g. "friend X currently is ahead of you on the following tracks: []" "friend Y is better on 10 tracks, you are ahead on 20 tracks" and so on. all that is required is a call to fetch either the time or the solo ranking skill points for a specific challenge. looking through the api wrapper for php i don't see any matching call though: it is possible to get the top x solo rankings with a specific offset for a challenge but that seems a bit excessive to iterate through all records until you find the person you are looking for. which leads to my question: are there additional api calls that are not implemented in the php wrapper that provide such a functionality?

another option i looked at was the function "getPlayerRanking" where you can provide a zone, if the friend groups are also "paths" that would be an option though i have no idea how to access them.

any help would be appreciated but i understand if support for this feature is no longer possible ;)
have a great new year and happy record hunting
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